6 Tips to Apply Blush Perfectly

Are you a makeup lover? Of Course, you are and even if you are not, you must be aware of the importance a blush holds in every makeup kit. The right amount of product and your look will be bang on. Though being blessed with one of the easiest names, it requires quite a good amount of technique to apply it correctly. According to beautylects, exceeding the correct amount and correct place of its application can give you a clownish appearance which I definitely know you don’t want. Therefore, to provide you with a healthy, glowy, blushy appearance we stated the top 6 tips to apply blush perfectly.

How to apply blush perfectly?

Blushes are supposed to lift up the face and give a nice flush to the cheeks. They make the face look healthier and shinier. Available in tens of colors, they have the capability to brighten up the complexion but only if applied in an adequate amount. So what amount of blush would suffice for our face? Let’s find out.

6 Tips to Apply Blush Perfectly

Every individual is blessed with beautiful features which is a significant tool that makes us different from one another. Starting from a different kind of face structure to a very minute deviation of placement of the cheekbone, every human is beautiful in their own way. To beautify these features even more makeup plays an important role. And almost every makeup product has a different rule of application for different kinds of face structure. One such product is a blush. Its application varies with various face types.

Blush Application for Different Face Structures:

  • Oval face With having the fortune of most prominent cheekbones they are advisable to apply the product just above the cheekbone instead of the hollow beneath. This will help raise the height of the cheekbone.
  • Heart shaped faces –These faces have sharp edges. In order to soften them blush needs to be applied to the outer corner of the cheekbone with its ending below the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Square face People with square face have the same width of their cheekbone and their chin. They have a wide and chubby appearance below their cheeks. Therefore, to help themselves with a brighter face they should apply it just below the cheekbone.
  • Long face People with such faces have their forehead, cheeks and jawline pretty much the same width. So they should apply blush on the apples of the cheekbones taking it little towards its end.
  • Round face For such faces blush should be applied from the ear down to the cheekbone towards the mouth. As these faces are wide, so as to make them look longer the leftover blush on the brush can be applied on the chin.
  • Triangular faces People with such faces have high cheekbones. Therefore it should be applied in a sideways V to highlight them.

Like any other makeup product, blushes are also followed by a few misconceptions which need to be rectified so as to make their best use.


  • Just for cheeks Not only on cheeks but it can also be applied on chin, nose and forehead.
  • The more, the merrier This should be rephrased as the less, the merrier. The motive behind applying a blush is to give a flush to the cheeks and not to make them clownish red.
  • Always applied on apples of cheeks Face features selected for blush application totally depends on the face structure.

Blush though thought of as an easy product to apply involves many technicalities. It has the capability to turn over your head if you are not a professional makeup artist. But this hard nut can also be cracked easily with the help of a few tips and tricks. Some of the tips are as follows.

Tips to Apply Blush Perfectly:

Applying blush

1) Choosing a blush brush- Opting for the right brush can be tricky but is a good investment for your makeup kit. The two most important things to be looked up in a brush are its density and size. A blush brush should be dense, soft, and loosely packed so that it picks up less product and blends it well. Brushes of the incorrect size can spread it all over the face.

2) Dust the blush- A recommended technique for a good application is to dust the extra product. Tap the brush twice or thrice to dust the extra blush gathered therein. This helps in avoiding over-application because less product gives better results. If you have a habit of applying blush on your cheeks and nose too, avoid taking extra blush and apply the leftover product on the brush on the required features.

3) Avoid using a circular motion while applying brush- Using a streamline or a feathery motion can be more beneficial while applying blush. Avoid taking a brush at the level of the eyebrows. Start the application from the middle of the cheeks while slowly taking it towards the end. Spend a good one minute blending it properly.

4) Reduce too bright blush- If you have mistakenly piled on the blush, don’t go for a makeup remover. Dropdown a bit of liquid foundation on a wet makeup sponge and dab it on the blush while evenly distributing it. This tip will help retain the rosy glow.

5) Remove extra with loose powder- To make the blush look even neater and well blended apply some loose powder around the blush and under the eyes. This will help reduce the patchy look of the eyes. Tip: If you are prey to dry skin, avoid using the loose powder. Instead, tone it down with the help of a wet tissue.

Blush shade

6) Your skin tone, your blush shade- There is no such formula as one size fits all. Know your skin tone to choose the correct shade for you. Avoid using shimmery blushes if you have a dull or uneven skin texture.


After stating these top 6 tips for applying the blush perfectly, I am assured that even if you aren’t a professional you can make decisive use of the blush. Even if you don’t get it right on the first go, don’t stop practicing. Because as simple as its name, as complex it is to apply. Having a keen knowledge of your face structure, complexion, and skin tone can help you learn its application even quicker.

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