6 Tips to Get Big Beautiful Eyes at Home

Hey! “Your eyes are so beautiful”. Don’t you fish for this simple but astounding compliment that feels like tickled pink? I know, deep inside your heart there is an urge to receive compliments as this resides. You will be delighted to know the amazing tips to get big eyes that look beautiful. Also, I have gathered up for you, which will help you gain stunning compliments for your eyes.

beautiful eyes

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get their eyes so beautiful? Yeah! Probably you did. Because their eyes spark like a diamond which makes them super dazzling. Also, leaves the people like in fantasy to get brighter & bigger eyes one day. Well, not all celebrities’ eyes have always been this beautiful, some of them had gone through eye surgeries to get astonishing eyes and some know-how to take care of eyes properly.

I know you don’t have any plan to squander your hard-earned money on some lousy surgery. Who needs that when you can get bigger, brighter & beautiful eyes with natural remedies at home that look glamorous with swiping up the best eyebrow enhancer to get you perfectly arched eyebrows.

Beautiful eyes

6 Tips to Try at Home

Sit back and reminisce about your childhood and see how beautifully bright and sparkling your eyes were that makes you extremely endearing. Don’t get lost in it. I just want you to realize that you were born with naturally beautiful eyes. But what really happened by the time that steals the charisma of your eyes.

Want to know the villains behind it? Pollution, lack of sleep, excessive uses of digital devices, unhealthy food, and lack of moisture steals the beauty of our eyes.

Don’t fret! I know how you can bring your alluring eyes back. Just follow these amazing ways given below.

1. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Do you feel eye twitches or spasms? If you do, Gal! You deprive yourself of the beauty sleep you need. Relaxing sleep is not only essential for our health but it also affects our eyes and cognitive ability and makes them appear small.

Insufficient sleep leads to getting dark circles, red, dry, and itchy eyes which obviously keeps it away to look away and charming. Sleeping allows your eyes to have rest. Also, restore their vitality and spark but how your eyes will possibly get replenished if you deprive them of the most important thing it needs to look beautiful.

Investing in a good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do for your eyes, health, and brain. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to sleep for 7-8 hours. Just cut back unimportant things in your to-do list and utilize the time you have saved for your beauty sleep. The next morning, when you wake up with beautiful bright eyes, don’t forget to glam your eyes up with the best mascara in India.

2. Press Cold Spoon on Your Eyes

Frosty cold spoon against the eyelids makes you feel like you are wandering in heaven. It’s the easiest and the most relaxing thing you can do any time you want. A cold spoon also helps to increase blood circulation and refresh them. If you are at home and feel eye strain or twitching. Just run out toward the refrigerator, put 2 spoons in it, wander around for 10 minutes. After that put this cold spoon on both of your eyes that feel like you’re chilling out in heaven with angels.

If your eyes are extremely strained you can also cool down the head of your eyes by wrapping an ice cube in a clean handkerchief and pressing it against your eyelids. This is something I do in the summer. Try it out and see the magic it does.

3. Put Green Tea Bags on Eyes

Do you drink green tea? Well if you don’t start having it for the sake of your health and eyes. Green tea is enriched with a great number of antioxidants that doesn’t only make you feel vitalized but also helps to reduce dark circles, dry and red shoot eyes.

Green tea bags work wonders for the eyes with the help of an abundance of antioxidants and caffeine presents in them. Caffeine helps to escalate blood flow in tiny veins of the eyes which is immensely helpful to supply the maximum oxygen and nutrients in the eyes.

Whenever you drink green tea at home don’t throw out the used bag instead, chill it out and place it on both eyes for 10-15 minutes and experience the miraculous relaxation you deserve.

Beautiful eyes with green tea bags

4. Massage with Castor Oil

Enrichment of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acid makes castor oil a miraculous home remedy for dark circles, dry, itchy, strained, swollen, and red eyes. Isn’t it the best answer to how to whiten your eyes naturally?

Dry skin is more prone to get dark circles, dry eyes shrink down eyes. If your eyes are dry, castor oil can be the best remedy for your dark circles and dry eyes. Or if you work long hours in the office in front of the screen without taking much rest. You can relax and beautify your eyes by using castor oil eye drops. I got it for myself after getting insights into its effectiveness for dry and itchy eyes and swinging in delightment of having my eyes felt refreshed all the time.

Note: Castor oil is also used for skin, hair, and cooking that can contain some substances that can be harmful to the eyes. So always use castor oil eye drops to put in your eyes. Also, it is totally safe to use and helps to lubricate your dry eyes.

5. Use Rose Water Eye Drops

Aromatic rose water is enriched with inflammatory properties that help to soothe your eyes and alleviates dryness, itchiness, and allergies. It has been used for eyes by our ancestors to clear out dust and impurities. Along with that, keeping your eyes healthy and it’s still beneficial for maintaining perfect health.

Besides rose water, you can also use artificial tears if you spend long hours in front of the screen. Both are highly beneficial to bestow you brighter and whiter eyes.

6. Do Eyes Exercise

Want to get acquainted with the secret trick that makes eyes big and beautiful naturally without the help of any eye drops or home remedies. Well, the secret resides in the eye exercise which takes only 5 minutes to throw out impurities in your eyes and lubricate them.

Let’s do the eye exercise with these simple steps:

  1. Take your middle finger to the center of your eyebrows and keep it at some distance.
  2. Place your undivided attention on the point of your finger.
  3. Start moving your fingers forward and backward while keeping your attention on it.
  4. Don’t worry if your eyes get watery or you feel itchy. It’s perfectly normal and a part of this exercise.
  5. Do it for 5 minutes.
  6. Close your eyes for the next 5 minutes.
  7. Here your eyes exercises are done.

This magnificent eye exercise not only beautifies your eyes but also helps to improve your vision. If you are someone who loves you, play video games that need an intense focus on the screen. You need to relax your eyes with this simple exercise to get them refreshed and bigger.

Exercise for beautiful eyes

I hope you like the amazing tips to get big beautiful eyes at home and enjoyed reading our article. I’m sure, these tricks for beautiful eyes will benefit you in amazing ways. Also, it will become more beautiful and refreshed. Set out to use these tips right away and describe your amazing experience in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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