Armpit odour treatment with natural ways

Armpit odour is really an embarrassing moment and also weird. It smells really bad in many people. You can get sweat mostly during hot climate days. But some people also get sweat in winter. So it is necessary to stop and remove it for clear skin.

Usually, we use many deodorants in our underarms to prevent sweat. Armpit odour is the same as that of body odour. Due to sweat, many people suffer from itching problem. That is why armpit odour treatment is necessary. Although deodorants work best for controlling sweat. It also helps to reduce bad odour. But along with that, you also need to work with natural ways. There are many ingredients which work best to treat armpit odour.

Along with the usage of various deodorants, opt for natural ways. You can easily get the various stuff for removing armpit odour. These are easily available in your kitchen. So try these natural home remedies to cure armpit odour.


  • Lavender essential oil:-

lavender-oil for armpit odour

Many essential oils are having various benefits of skin and hair. Like that lavender essential oil is great for your skin. It also helps in removing bacteria and germs from your skin. Also helps to give a nice lavender smell. Totally removes armpit odour and gives a fresh aroma. You can also add this oil with any carrier oils and apply it on your underarm area.

–> How to make it:

Take a few drops of lavender essential oil and add to one cup of water. Stir it well and fill it in an empty spray bottle. Just spray it on your armpit or underarms area.

–> How often to apply:

You can do this once or twice daily for getting rid of it.

  • Tomato and lemon juice:-

tomato for curing armpit odour

Tomato works best for glowing and brightening skin tone. It is rich in Vitamin C which gently cleanses your underarm skin. Also removes bacteria and dirt from your skin. Along with that, it also wipes the bad smell from your underarms. You can also prepare many fruit packs out of this great stuff.

Lemon juice is a great remedy as you will get it in your kitchen. It helps in treating dark circles, dark underarms, and skin pigmentation. It kills bacteria and foul smell. Also reduces the production of sweat and gives a lemony aroma. You can add this in any hair masks and also for curing dandruff problem.

–> How to make it:

Take one small tomato and one or two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Grind the tomato and make a fine puree. Now, add lemon juice to the tomato puree and combine it well. Apply this paste on your underarm area. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with water.

–> How often to apply:

You need to do this four or five times a week for the best result.

  • Coconut oil to cure armpit odour:-

coconut-oil for curing coconut-oil

This oil is very common and found in most of the house. It works great for dry skin problem. Also helps in dry hair related problems. Works best for dandruff and also helps in improving hair texture. Along with all these benefits, this oil helps to remove bad smell from your underarm area. It is rich in an antimicrobial property which helps to remove bacteria from your skin. It also maintains the pH level of your skin.

–> How to make it:

You need to take some amount of coconut oil in your palm. Now, apply it on your clean armpit area. After that, leave it for some time until it is completely absorbed in your skin.

–> How often to apply:

After taking bath, apply it daily for best result.

  • Aloe Vera Gel:-

This is a superb ingredient which works best for your skin and hair problems. Aloe Vera is rich in various antioxidants which helps in improving your skin texture. It also contains antibacterial properties which kill the bacteria from your armpits. Removes the bad smell from your armpit. This is one of the best for your issue and also helps in wild hair growth.

–> How to make it:

Take one Aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel from it. Apply some amount of it on your underarms. Do this after having a quick shower or bath. You can also apply it at night and have a bath the next morning.

–> How often to apply:

Do it every day for getting refresh and glowing skin.

  • Walnut leaves and Rosewater:-

As you know that walnut is good for your body. It contains much nutritional value which is great for you. Like that, walnut leaves also work best for removing armpit odour. It kills the bacteria and gently cleanse the sweat.

In the same manner, rosewater is also great for your skin. It helps to soothe and nourish your dry skin. Also, it helps to cure bad armpit smell. It removes it and adds a good smell to your skin. It also cleanses dead skin cells and bacteria from your skin.

–> How to make it:

Take few walnut leaves as needed and some rose water. Add the leaves in a grinder along with some rose water. Make a smooth paste out of it. Apply it on your underarm area and leave for a few minutes. After that, wash it off with cool water.

–> How often to apply:

Do it three or four times in a week for getting rid of underarm bad smell.

  • Lettuce for treating armpit odour:-

Lettuce for armpit odour

Lettuce is a great and healthy leafy vegetable. It is a great anti-ageing diet and also good for your skin. It is a great remedy for treating bad underarm smell. Lettuce juice helps in removing the bad smell and cleanse your skin. Also, you can add lettuce in your diet for health benefits.

–> How to make it:

Take two or three lettuce leaves and roughly cut it. Add the grinding jar with some water. Make a fine paste out of it. Apply this juice on your underarm area. After some time, wash it with normal water.

–> How often to apply:

Do this daily after having a nice bath.

So these were some of the natural home remedies to treat armpit odour. Drink lots of water, eat fruits and veggies, avoid alcohol and beverages. Take a shower to clean your sweat body. Always wear cotton clothes to make your skin feel comfortable. Also, try any of these remedies for a few weeks and feel the difference.

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