Basic skin care tips for swimmers

Swimming is a cool and best exercise with lots of fun. Isn’t it? Lots of people love to swim. But along with it, basic skin care is also needed. Most of the pools contain harmful chlorine water. Chlorine is a toxic chemical which can damage the natural oil of your skin. So basic skin care is necessary to protect it.

During summers, we enjoy to jump in the pool and have fun with family and others. But the high heat can lead to suntan. Also, you may suffer from burned eyes problem. That is why basic skin care is a must. Everybody who is swim lovers should follow basic skin care tips.

When your skin comes in contact with chlorine water. The irritation or dryness or also rashes problem may occur. People with sensitive skin suffers a lot than a normal one. So it’s my request to follow all the basic skin care tips. You need to keep a few things before a swim and after swim also. So have a look at some basic skin care tips.


  • Apply sunscreen lotion:-

basic skin care - apply sunscreen lotion

If you swim during day time, it is necessary to apply sunscreen lotion or cream. This helps to protect your skin from high heat. It also prevents the suntan problem. It forms a protective layer and also protects from chlorine water. If you will not apply then various dark shades will be formed on your skin. This shades will give a weird appearance. And it will be difficult to treat it as it may take time. Always use waterproof sunscreen lotion so that it stays on your skin also when you are swimming. You need to apply the sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before you swim. This helps to absorb nicely in your skin.

  • Take a quick shower:-

basic skin care - take a quick shower

It is necessary to take a quick shower before jumping in the pool. When you take shower it wets your skin and hairs. Make sure that you wet your skin and hairs completely. After taking a shower, you can jump in the pool. This will help to absorb minimum chlorine water. So there will be very less damage to your skin and hairs. If you do not take a shower and directly go for swimming. Then chlorine water will be absorbed maximum. And this leads to more damage to your skin and hairs. Your natural oil will be damaged and also rashes or irritation may occur.

  • Hydrate your body (Basic skin care tip):-

Basic skin care - hydrate your body

When you swim in the daytime, there is more warm temperature. So hydrating your skin and body is a must. Drink plenty of water to make your body hydrated. Also, it helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin. This will help to prevent dry skin problem. You can either drink plain water or have fresh juices. It is totally your choice but makes sure you hydrate yourself. Due to summer heat, your body dehydrates quickly. And for that drinking water is necessary. So always keep your body and skin hydrated.

  • Protect your eyes:-

basic skin care - protect your eyes

You need to protect your eyes from two important things. That is from extreme sun heat and chlorine water. Both of these can cause a problem for your eyes. Due to heat, your eyes get burned and irritation occurs. So you need to treat your burned eyes with home remedies. You can use cool cucumber slice or banana peel for relaxing your eyes.

The second is chlorine water. When chlorine water comes in contact with your eyes. It irritates your eyes and redness occur. There is a best option to wear swimming goggles. This helps to protect from chlorine water and from sun heat. And also make sure that chlorine water does not go into your mouth.


  • Take a relaxing shower:-

Basic skin care - Take a relaxing shower

After having a swim, it is necessary to take a shower. You can take a hot shower or a cold shower it is your choice. It is advisable to take a hot shower to remove chlorine from your skin. It also helps to tighten your skin pores. Also, you can have a bubble bath or use bath oils for getting relax. The main aim is to remove chlorine from the skin. You need to take a bath immediately after coming from a swim. Also, wash your hairs to remove chlorine. Take a mild shampoo and give a gentle wash.

  • Exfoliate your skin:-

You need to exfoliate your skin to give a fresh look. This helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin. If you are having shaded skin then you can also treat it. Use any face mask to exfoliate your skin. You need to take some sugar, honey and few drops of lemon juice. This is simple and helps to exfoliate your skin. Also honey helps to moisturize dry skin. While lemon juice helps to remove dirt. You can exfoliate your skin thrice in a week. Try packs including yogurt, sandalwood powder, oats powder and more.

  • Apply moisturizer:-

Moisturizer is very important for curing dry skin problem. Usually, chlorine makes your skin dry. So after having a shower, apply a good moisturizer. This helps to remove dryness and makes your skin soft. Always opt for a moisturizer with natural ingredients. Aloe Vera gel, Shea butter, Honey and lots more are the best stuff as a moisturizer. Choose the product containing organic stuff. So that it will not harm your skin.

  • Have a cup of green tea:-

After taking a shower, you are all set. Now, have a cup of green tea or herbal tea. This helps to energize your tired body. Green tea contains various antioxidants. It helps to keep your body fit, healthy and glowing. This also helps with weight loss. Also, you can take fresh juices instead of tea. It will also refresh your mood. And as I say that hydrating is necessary.

So these were some of the basic skin care tips for swimmers. Keep these simple things in mind. Everyone needs to follow these basic skin care tips. This will protect your skin from chlorine water. Also, wash your swimsuit as it also contains chlorine. These tips are best for daily swimmers.

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