Best monsoon makeup tips for a perfect look

Monsoon…makeup…what is the connection? I am trying to say that during monsoon you need to keep a few makeup tips in your mind. So today we will discuss “Best monsoon makeup tips for a perfect look”. Makeup is the best friend of most of the girls. Girls love to wear makeup, various accessories and matching an outfit for a perfect look. But, the problem is with makeup during the rainy season. So, you need to learn some tips for the perfect makeup look.

best monsoon makeup tips

Applying makeup on your skin will be different according to seasons. If it is winter, then your skin looks dry so you need to apply oily based makeup. Same way in summer you need to opt for water-based makeup due to oily skin. Now comes the turn of the monsoon season. And during monsoon, you need to choose water-based makeup to avoid oily skin. All the makeup products should be waterproof. So that during rain, your makeup will not wash off.

best monsoon makeup tips

Whether it is a party, marriage function or any other occasion…makeup plays a very important role. Your makeup should look perfect whether it is monsoon, summer or winter. It should not be too heavy or too light but still, look perfect.

best monsoon makeup tips

Many girls who are makeup lovers face difficulty to move outside in rain with beautiful makeup they have done. So, for them, I have a very simple solution. That is best monsoon makeup tips for a perfect look. Just follow these tips and you can freely step outside in the rain. And your makeup will not be spoiled if you get wet.


Wash your skin properly:-

If you will apply makeup on the skin which is loaded with dirt, oil, and pollutants. Then, your look will be horrible even if your makeup is perfect. So, it is necessary to clean your skin properly before applying makeup. Wash your face properly and follow CTM skin care routine.

Cleanse your face properly and then use toner. This will remove all the dirt, excess oil and bad impurities from your skin. The last step is moisturizer so after toning, you need to moisturize your dry skin. You can also rub ice cubes on your skin for a refreshing look. And it will also tighten your open pores.

Moisturizing is the best monsoon makeup tip:-

In the rainy season, do not forget to apply moisturizer on your dry skin. So, it is necessary to apply a water-based moisturizer properly. This will absorb all the excess oil from your skin. And it will not make your skin looks dry. Apply moisturizer evenly for perfect makeup application. Thus, moisturizing is a very important thing for the best monsoon makeup.

No cream, only powder foundation:-

best monsoon makeup tips - powder foundation

During cold weather, it is perfect to use a cream foundation to prevent dryness. But in monsoon, it is strictly no to cream foundation. Instead, you should opt for powder based foundation. If possible use less concealer and foundation. You can also use a primer before applying makeup. The powder-based foundation will give a matte effect on your skin. And it will also stay for a longer time during the rainy season.  

Talk on eye makeup:-

best monsoon makeup tips - eye makeup

It includes eye shadows, mascara, kajal, and eyeliner. You need to use powdered eye shadows for a perfect matte finish. Do not use cream based eye shadows during the rainy season. You can use shadows like pink, brown and more.

You should not use mascara during monsoon. It is strict no on apply mascara. But, if you have to apply it in any case. Then, choose waterproof mascara as it will not get spoiled. And will stay for a while during rain and will not run off.

Once the eye shadow is done, apply a very thin line of kajal on it. This will give a perfect eye look. You should select a pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner. As liquid will spread all over your face if it gets wet. And you will look like a monster. So, it is far better to choose a pencil liner.

Lipstick – Best monsoon makeup tip:-

Lipstick plays a very important role in completing your whole look. During monsoon, say no to glossy and creamy lipsticks. As it will become sticky and smudge easily. So, opt for matte lipsticks and it will go well in the rainy season.

You can apply shades like nude, pink, peach and brown. But, make sure that you do not opt for bright red colors. Soft matte lipstick on your lips also gives you a gorgeous look.

Remove makeup before sleep:-

best monsoon makeup tips - remove makeup

This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. Many girls become lazy or tired. And does not remove their makeup and simply sleep. This can lead to many skin problems. So, always remove makeup before sleep.

There are various makeup removers available in the store or market. But many of them are loaded with chemicals. And they can provide harm to your skin. So, it is far better to use natural makeup remover oils. And you can easily get it from your kitchen.

Thus, these were some of the best monsoon makeup tips for a perfect look. Use sterilize makeup brushes and other tools during monsoon. You can finish your look with setting spray. This will make sure that your makeup will not run off in monsoon. Along with that, do not wear too heavy jewellery as it can become wet in rains. So, go for light jewellery and wear comfortable clothes that suits your look.

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