Best Sanitary Pads to buy for Yourself

Hey girls, I’m going to talk about the list of best sanitary pads to be in your basket today. There are a couple of sanitary pads available in the market. And it comes in various sizes, such as regular, large and extra-large (especially for night purposes).

Best sanitary pads

While purchasing the best sanitary pads, you need to keep a few points in mind, such as:

  • Capacity to absorb the flow of blood.
  • It gives you a dry feeling.
  • It’s got to be breathable.
  • It has wings or not.
  • Anti-leak protection against heavy blood flow.
  • The pad thickness.
  • Whether or not the sanitary pad is convenient.
  • The most important point is that it should not cause a rash.
  • Pleasant and gentle fragrance.
  • Your skin should not be irritated (must be skin-friendly).

Almost all girls usually undergo their first period at age 12 or 15. Many girls get periods early and some will get late. As a parent, you need to teach your girls information about periods and the use of pads so they can get a quick idea about it.

Depending on the flow of blood, you should keep different pads in your basket. Such as extra-large for earlier days, large for the third day, and medium-sized pads for the fourth and fifth days.

Best sanitary pads

I know that many of the girls find periods to be a BIG PROBLEM as it comes monthly. And so instead of selecting any random pads, you have to pick the right one to prevent various problems. So, let’s continue the conversation about the best sanitary pads you have to buy for yourself immediately without wasting time.


Paree Super Soft Cottony Feel Sanitary pads:

Best sanitary pads - Paree

These pads are extremely good for girls with a heavy flow because they contain added gels that absorb quickly. It comes with wings so your panty can get a better grip and avoid side leakages. Paree sanitary pads come with a wider back for extra coverage that works great during the night.

Various sizes are available, such as regular, XL, XXL(Ultra Thinz), and dry feel. You can choose as you wish and in which you are most comfortable. This one is particularly my favorite because I’ve been using it in my early days, and I don’t have any leakage problems. The price is quite decent, too, and you can get these pads in any medical shop or store. It’s really comfortable, and it doesn’t give any skin rashes.

Wonderize Soft Comfort Sanitary Napkin:

Best sanitary pads - Wondersize

These napkins are extremely comfortable and soft at the time, so you can wear them easily. It does not cause skin rashes or irritation. This one is specially designed for women who are looking for soft texture and comfort.

For more absorbent power, it is 20 percent longer and wider back. It also contains super-soft edges that keep rashes away from your skin. And these napkins contain an odor control system that keeps you fresh all day.

It is my second favorite that I love the most. And you can pick the size according to your preference and it comes in various variants, such as:

Regular flow:- Soft / Dry comfort, length 230 mm, and thickness 8 mm.

Heavy flow:- Soft comfort, length 280 mm, and thickness 9 mm.

Extra Heavy Flow:- Ultra dry / Ultra silky touch (especially for night use) with more absorbent 3x (Ultra dry) and 5x (Ultra silky touch), 310 mm long and 3 mm thick.

Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads:

Best sanitary pads - Soft Antibacteria

The name of the product itself implies “SOFY” ensuring the pad would be incredibly soft and comfortable. This includes a thick, absorbent sheet that helps stop leakage. This also features a green sheet containing natural ingredients and providing protection from bacterial contamination at 99.9 percent.

It’s very soft on your skin and has a special scent from the perfume tree as well. And this will make you feel fresh and comfortable for the entire day. It will give you a dry cover feeling to wear this pad and you’ll just enjoy it.

So many variants are available in Sofy pads, such as normal, sofy antibacteria (extra long), sofy cool (super XL and super XL+), and overnight sofy antibacteria (XXL size). As per your preference you can select any of the sofy products.

Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads:

Best sanitary pads - Whisper

It has a very soft top sheet that gives you extra gentleness on the skin. Also, stretchable wings will keep your pad in place to avoid leakage problems. You’ll feel secure and relaxed when using these pads as these pads contain 40 percent longer and wider back for extra coverage. It also includes soft pores that lock the liquid and give you protection throughout the last long.

This product is 2x softer for extra gentleness and will give your skin all the care it needs. It also contains odorless pearls that capture a bad smell and lock it to make you feel fresh all day.

Whisper Ultra Pads come in many different sizes such as ultra-clean (L size 284 mm), ultra-soft (XL size 317 mm), ultra-night with three different sizes, XL(317 mm), XXL(360 mm), and XXXL(400 mm). For night purposes or during heavy flow, you can opt for a longer pad option as it gives you more coverage and protection.

Azah- Ultra-soft Organic Sanitary Pads:

Best sanitary pads - Azah

You’ll get a quick idea from the name of the product itself that it’s really soft and organic pads. This one is made of the finest organic cotton. And it ensures a smooth velvety surface to make you feel safe. You won’t have any problems with rashes, itchy skin, or irritation.

It is an eco-friendly product that contains a large surface area and a non-toxic super-absorbent sheet that ensures a dry feeling also during heavy flow. This product contains perforated layers that allow air to circulate and helps to eliminate moisture and heat.

This product is India’s first MADE SAFE certified sanitary pad and is also free from harmful chemicals that may irritate your skin. Safe Cosmetics Australia is checking it to be free of skin irritants. These pads are skin-friendly and contain no artificial fragrances.

Amrutanjan Comfy Ultra XL:

Best sanitary pads - Amrutanjan comfy

Comfy Ultra XL comes with super gel locking technology that helps secure the heavy flow. And the dry top sheet keeps you dry for a longer time. The napkins are 2 mm thin, and also have an anti-leak feature that helps prevent leakage during heavy days of flow.

It gives you full coverage and these napkins are made with odor lock technology that helps avoid bad smell and build confidence. You can buy this product in different versions, such as a comfy snug fit, XL, and ultra XL.

 Nua Sanitary Pads:

Best sanitary pads - Nua

Nua pads come in varying sizes, such as regular (240 mm) light flow, medium flow large (280 mm), and heavy flow extra-large (320 mm). Such pads are made of pure cotton and highly absorbent, non-woven fabric.

The top layer of the sheet is without prints or perfumes. And this will keep you free from any rash, redness, or itching in the skin. This also features a larger back for greater and improved coverage. These are chemical-free and do not cause a sensation of humidity or stickiness. It’s super comfortable and because it is environmentally friendly you have to try it out.

Carmesi Natural & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads:

Best sanitary pads - Carmesi

Because you can see from the product name itself, these pads are super-natural and biodegradable. These are made up of bamboo and corn with no synthetic and toxic chemicals. It also contains the bamboo fiber-based core, which helps with super absorption and makes you feel good all day.

Carmesi pads are incredibly thin, so they’re really comfortable to wear. The top sheet is made of corn starch, which gives you a soft touch (feather-like) experience and is also gentle to the skin. And because of that, you won’t experience any skin rashes or irritation problems over time. The pad will remain extra dry to give you a very comfortable experience.

Each carmesi pad is packed separately in a biodegradable disposable bag, so it’s really convenient to carry out anywhere. It is also extremely hygienic and environmentally friendly, so you can definitely go for this natural and biodegradable product.

Heyday Maxi Fluff Organic and Natural Sanitary Napkins:

Best sanitary pads - Heyday

This natural product is extremely wonderful as it helps to provide easy airflow to your sensitive skin during periods. And in turn, it helps you avoid skin rashes, allergies, and skin irritation problems. These sanitary napkins are super comfortable during sweating and humidity.

They are purely organic and natural sanitary napkins that do not contain any raw materials such as polymer, plastic, bleach, toxins, or perfumes. These napkins are made from anti-bacterial, absorbent, and really soft plant-based bamboo and corn fibers.

The feather-like soft top sheet gives you a comfortable and safe period. It also contains seven super absorbent core sheets that help to give you full coverage to avoid leakage. Raw bamboo and corn materials provide natural sterilization. Heyday supplies two variants in Ultra-thin pads for medium to light flow days and Maxi Fluff XL pads for 290 mm and is perfectly suited for heavier days.

Nurture 100% Natural Cotton Surface, Winged, Widest Back Ultra Length Pads:

Best sanitary pads - Nurture 100% natural

This product contains 100 % natural cotton cover and is also free from harmful chemicals. It is hypoallergenic and also contains a silver ion chip for antibacterial and anti-fungal protection. The cotton top sheet keeps you dry and comfortable with the most absorbent natural material. So, it’s really good to use on heavy flow days.

Nurture Organic Pad is suitable for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin, it is the best napkin to use over the period. These pads contain breathable qualities as they are made up of 100 % natural cotton so that they do not cause rashes, itching, or skin irritation. They are extra long pads with a wider back for superior protection.

It also contains a liquid-locking absorbent core so that you can wear it comfortably during heavy days. This product is free from the synthetic surface and does not contain any artificial fragrance.

Natracare Natural Ultra Extra Super Period Pads:

The name of the product itself indicates that it is made of natural material and that it is also biodegradable. These natural pads contain an extra layer of the cushion along with wings. It contains a certified organic cotton cover and is completely plastic-free.

The pads are completely chlorine-free and do not contain any perfumes or dyes. This is appropriate for all types of skin, and sensitive people can use it too. They use breathable materials, and it’s really soft on your skin, too.

There are many variants available and they all do a great job over your periods. Some of the pads have wings, some without wings, so you can choose according to your choice.

You will find the image of the droplets on every packet that describes the flow of your period, such as light, medium, or heavy. So, it’s going to be easy for you to choose according to your flow. Variants include ultra pads (regular, super, super+, long), extra pads (normal, super, long), and maxi pads (regular, super, night time).

Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads:

It is 100 % organic cotton and a biodegradable sanitary pad with a bamboo core. It also contains FSC certified bamboo fiber for extra leak protection during heavy periods. The product is anti-bacterial so there is no skin rash problem and it is also free from harmful chemicals.

Pee safe organic cotton pads are leak-proof and do not contain any fragrance. Bamboo pulp is 300 percent more absorbent than wood pulp and is also quite safe to use. There are two variants available which are overnight (315 mm) and regular (280 mm). You can definitely try it because they are really soft and extremely comfortable to wear during periods of time.

So, I have mentioned a list of the best sanitary pads. And you can choose any of them according to your preference and budget. Go for it, and share your experience with me through the comments. I ‘m sure you are just going to love it, and you’re also going to tell me your favorite one of them.


Maintaining proper hygiene is very important. I know this is a very basic thing, and almost everyone is going to be aware of it. But many of you still throw out the used sanitary pads inappropriately. So, it’s important to discuss it, and now look at how to dispose of sanitary pads with a few steps:

How to dispose of sanitary pads?
  • First, remove the pad from your underwear and roll it out so that wrapping will be easier.
  • Take tissue paper or toilet paper, or just paper, and wrap your pad in it.
  • You can also use the new pad wrapper to wrap your old pad, and then wrap it in the paper for further coverage.
  • Throw it in the dustbin, at last.
  • Make sure you don’t flush your pad because it can trigger a problem of clogging.
  • Just carry the paper bag or simply paper along with your pad while you are outdoors. So, you can use it if you need to change your pad and throw it in the nearest dustbin afterward.
  • You can also carry disposable bags with you to wrap the pad in.
  • The most important thing to remember is that after throwing a pad into the dustbin you have to wash your hand.
  • When the soap is not available while you’re outdoors, you can always use a hand sanitizer.
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