Choose the best shampoo according to your hair type

One of the most common questions that people often think of when it comes to hair care is – Which shampoo is right for my hair?

Honestly, it can be a quite confusing endeavor. There are so many generic shampoo brands out there that claim to make your hair smooth, glossy, healthy, and luscious in no time, but how do we trust them? How do we pick what is right for our hair?

Best shampoo according to hair type

Don’t worry, I have the ultimate guide for you which will help you to pick the right shampoo for your hair.

The aim of a shampoo is to cleanse your scalp and hair and remove dirt. However, the washing properties in the cleanser that are present in your shampoo decides the real quality of it.

Before we get into hair problems, here are some ingredients you should avoid while choosing the best shampoo and why –


It is a cheap detergent that is meant to keep your scalp oil-free. Most of the shampoos have it as a key product in it. However, you should refrain from using shampoos with them as they can increase inflammation on sensitive skin, strip away the natural oils from your hair, and cause dryness.


It is one of the most widely used preservatives in shampoos and other products. Research has shown that parabens can lead to breast cancer as they can reduce the production of estrogen in women, which is an important hormone in women.

Now let’s have a look at our top 10 tips that can help you pick the best shampoo for your hair.

Depending on your hair type and condition, your hair needs may vary.

Hair Type – Straight/ Wavy/ Curly

Best shampoo for straight hair

 Often people who have straight hair face problems like their hair being not bouncy enough or very flat on the top. Using a mild shampoo and conditioner. As it is suggested to be the most suitable for you. Shampoos with natural ingredients would be great to maintain the texture of your hair. Using too much conditioner will only make your hair flatter, so stick to a pea-sized amount only.

People with wavy and curly hair tend to have frizzy hair as the hair tends to get tangled easily. It can be difficult to manage. In this case, you should go for a shampoo that is rich in protein. Follow it up with a good hair mask which can tame down your frizz and make it manageable.

Pro tip: Only wash your hair with cold water to avoid frizz.

Scalp type- Oily/ Dry

If your scalp is oily, it can also lead to dandruff if not treated on time. You can go for a shampoo that is anti-dandruff. Pick a shampoo with salicylic acid as an active ingredient. As it is known to break down the oil build up in your hair.

Dry scalp can be a result of washing your hair too often which strips off the essential oils from your scalp or simply dehydration. It needs a shampoo that is nourishing and moisturizing. Pick shampoos that have essential oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, and argan oil.

Pro tip: Use a hot towel after oiling your hair to enhance the process of nourishment and gives it a nice spa effect.

Hair Thickness – Thin/ Thick

Best shampoo according to hair thickness

If you have thin hair, make sure to use a volumizing and strengthening shampoo as with excessive dirt build-up, thin hair can become more prone to hair fall. Active ingredients such as aloe vera and rice water. Both the ingredients help to make your hair thicker. However, avoid creamy shampoos.

How lucky are you to have nice and thick hair! However, thick hair tends to be frizzy. So, it needs a shampoo that has good cleansing and conditioning properties to manage any flyaways and also reduce the dirt build up in your hair. An egg hair mask mixed with a little bit of coconut oil can help you manage your voluminous hair by taming it and making it healthier.

Best shampoo for Hair fall/ breakage-prone

 Do you lose a few hair strands every time you brush your hair or run fingers through it? Do you lose a chunk of hair strands every time you shampoo? Well if it’s a consistent problem, it’s high time that you change your shampoo and your hair care routine in general.

A hair fall/damage control shampoo would do the best deal here. Shampoos with active ingredients that are rich in vitamin C are excellent for hair growth. Onion juice is also known to be highly rich in sulfur. That helps to control hair fall and protects it from further damage.

Pro tip – Oil your hair with Amla(gooseberry) oil to reduce hair fall. And it is also known to be rich in vitamin C.

Dandruff/ Itchy Scalp

Dandruff tends to develop on those with oily scalps rather than the dry scalp. Triggers such as stress, irregular shampooing, poor eating habits, and weather changes make it more likely for flakes to show up.

Use a shampoo that has salicylic acid as one of the main ingredients which help in controlling dandruff. Tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon are also some great ingredients to reduce dandruff.

Pro tip: Mix up coconut oil and lemon juice in a 2:1 ratio. And apply it on your scalp 30mins before shampooing. It is an excellent method to remove dandruff.

Best shampoo for Colored hair

Best shampoo for colored hair

Are you someone who loves trying out different hair color looks? Well, as much as we enjoy coloring our hair, taking good care of it becomes even more essential.

Colored hair tends to become dry and can affect the overall health of your hair in the long run. Go for a smoothing shampoo or look for ingredients like Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone which are known to make your hair softer. It is highly recommended to maintain your hair color and choose a color-protect shampoo.

Frequently heat styled

Best shampoo - Frequently heat styled

Protein-based shampoos and smoothing shampoos are your go-to if you like to use straighteners or curlers often. Constant heat styling can strip off the natural oils of your hair. And make them frizzy and unmanageable in the long run. Regular hair masking is also important for your hair. You can go for yogurt or argan oil hair masks which are extremely nourishing for your hair.

The Bottom Line

I know how you must be thinking that…!! There can be a combination of problems that your hair must be having. How can you find a shampoo that suits all your hair needs? You can try customized hair care solutions, which make shampoo and conditioner as per your hair type and needs. Freewill is India’s first custom haircare brand. You can start by taking a hair quiz. 

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