Cure bad breath with effective home remedies

Are you facing a bad breath problem? And want to cure bad breath at home naturally? Then, you are at the right place as I will suggest some natural home remedies to cure bad breath. So that you and solve such problem very easily. Bad breath is not such a big problem but needs to be removed. As it is difficult to communicate with such bad breath. It gives a really bad smell and no one likes such a smell.

The main reason behind bad breath in our mouth is onion and garlic. The sulfur compounds cause bad smell in your mouth. So, try to avoid eating it in raw form. Instead, you can add in your dish. Brushing your teeth and flossing is very important. And you should do it twice every day.

cure bad breath

One of the main reason behind having bad breath is poor dental hygiene. So, cleaning your teeth and tongue properly is very important. Other reasons are a cavity in teeth, gum diseases, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and dry mouth.

So, let’s see some of the natural home remedies to cure bad breath. This remedies will solve your problem quickly. And you will not hesitate to communicate with others.


Guava to cure bad breath:-

Guava to cure bad breath

Guava is rich in Vitamin C which helps to cure bad breath. This is an amazing fruit which is also great for sensitive teeth. Guava also helps to treat gum diseases. And also maintain your overall oral hygiene. People who are lovers of guava should try this remedy.

–> How to prepare it:

You need to eat raw guava whenever you suffer from bad breath. Also, you can cut it into pieces. And sprinkle some salt and black pepper for more delicious taste. You can also drink fresh guava juice if you wish.

­–> How many times to use it:

You need to eat guava few times in a week to cure bad breath.


Ginger to cure bad breath

Ginger is mostly available in every kitchen. And it is also added in many dishes to make it tastier. Ginger is rich in an anti-microbial property. And it helps to remove various infections. It also helps to treat bad breath and remove it.

–> How to prepare it:

Take ginger and extract juice from it. Take one tablespoon of ginger juice and add to one glass of warm water. Now, stir it well so that it combines nicely. After that, rinse your mouth with this ginger water.

–> How many times to use it:

Use it every day after taking meal to remove bad breath.

(NOTE:- You can also add a tablespoon of lemon juice to it for double benefits.)

Fennel seeds:-

Many people have the habit of eating fennel seeds after taking a meal. It is also a great habit as it helps to remove bad breath from your mouth instantly. And also refreshes your breath. This is a very simple and also effective natural remedy to cure bad breath.

–> How to prepare it:

Take one tablespoon of fennel seeds. And chew it nicely after taking a meal. Now, you are done in solving your problem.

–> How many times to use it:

You can use it every day or whenever it is required.

Parsley leaves to cure bad breath:-

Parsley leaves to cure bad breath

Parsley leaves are really great and effective to treat bad breath. Mostly it is used in decorating various healthy dishes. But, it is also helpful in removing bad smell from your mouth. Because it is rich in the antibacterial property. It also removes bacteria that causes bad breath.

–> How to prepare it:

Take some parsley leaves and consume it directly after lunch or dinner. Also, you can add it to decorate your food.

–> How many times to use it:

You need to eat parsley leaves or add it in your diet regularly.

Apple cider vinegar:-

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is best for treating skin acne. But it also helps to treat bad breath. Apple cider vinegar is rich in an antibacterial property. So it helps to remove bacteria from your mouth that causes the bad smell. It also helps to maintain and restore the pH level in your mouth. Do not use ACV directly instead of using it in diluted form. You can prepare this mouthwash easily at your home.

–> How to prepare it:

Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of cold water. Mix both of them well. Now, gargle with this mixture for five minutes. After that, wash your mouth with normal water.

–> How many times to use it:

Use this twice once in the morning and then at night before going to bed.

Pineapple juice:-

Pineapple is tangy and delicious fruit. And many people love to eat pineapple. This fruit is also very effective in curing bad smell. It is simple but really works great to cure bad breath. It also helps to remove sulfur compounds that cause bad smell in your mouth.

–> How to prepare it:

You need to drink fresh pineapple juice after taking a meal. Also, you can eat a few pieces of pineapple after a meal if you wish. You can also add in the fruit bowl and consume it.

–> How many times to use it:

Use it whenever you suffer from bad breath.

Hence, these were some of the simple natural home remedies. And all these remedies really help to cure bad breath. Also, you need to drink an adequate amount of water every day to prevent dry mouth. Try any of the above remedies to treat bad breath.

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