Hair fall control using onion juice

Yes…yes!! Onion juice really works for curing hair fall problem and even helps in removing severe dandruff from your scalp. Most of the people eat onion through any medium either raw or in various dishes. But the fact is that you can also use it for super re-growth of your hair.

There could be many reasons for hair fall such as hormonal imbalance, improper food (junk food), lack of water intake, hair dye, use of hair straightener or curler, pollution, stress, hot water for hair wash, the heat of sun and more. You will find more hair fall during winters due to the dandruff problem.

Usually, girls love to have thick, silky and strong hairs for a beautiful look. But, due to some reasons, they are not able to take proper care and so I have a solution for this small problem. That is “Hair fall control using onion juice” and not even girls but boys also suffer from this problem and they can also have a cool hair look with this remedy.

Nowadays, most of the people run for their work and carries a lot of stress and forget to take care of their skin and hair. So due to this, they suffer from many problems and ultimately result is worst. Girls and Boys, be ready for reading this amazing article and I will solve your hair fall problem with this special home ingredient “ONION JUICE”. Make one thing clear in your mind that we cannot stop hair fall because it is a natural process. But due to various reasons, we get more hair fall so we need to reduce that thing. It’s clear that we can reduce hair fall but cannot stop it permanently.

Let’s see various benefits of onion juice on your unhappy hairs (hair fall issue) and it is as follows:


Onion juice for hair fall control

Onion juice is a simple and most effective remedy for curing hair fall problem and you can easily do this remedy at your home within some time with less hard work. Along with hair fall, there are lots of benefit of onion juice on your hairs which we will discuss below.

  • First of all, it works fabulously on your thin hairs and helps in re-growth of new hairs for a thicker look.
  • It even cures severe dandruff problem and people having dandruff problem can surely use this remedy. It helps in giving you clean scalp and even resolves itching problem due to dandruff.
  • Along with hair growth, it also stops premature graying and helps in bringing the natural color of your hair.
  • There are various nutrients present in this juice so it helps in making your hair and scalp looks stronger.
  • It even kills bacteria and fungus from your scalp to give a healthy scalp.
  • This juice helps to strengthen your hair from root to make it strong and have less hair fall.

I know that the smell is a bit strong of onion juice, so due to that most people avoid using this juice for hair fall. But don’t worry, I will try to resolve your problem and you must try this remedy for sure. And believe me, you will surely experience the difference within a few weeks.

Now, I will tell you the process for making onion juice pack for your hairs and trust me it really works.


It is very simple to make onion juice pack for your thin hairs and I will tell you two ways of using it. You can try any of the methods which are comfortable for you and see the magic.


–> Ingredients:

  • Two-three onions (As per hair length)
  • Some rosewater (Optional)

–> Process:

Take onions, pill the upper skin and chopped the onions into medium size pieces. Add them to the blending jar and blend it nicely until it becomes in paste form. Pour the paste in the muslin cloth and extract juice from it in any bowl. You can add fresh rose water to this juice if you wish and mix it well. Apply this juice on your entire scalp and hairs (especially on the root area of your hairs) and massage gently with fingertips. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it with a mild shampoo and use conditioner.

–> Usage:

You can use it thrice or alternate days in a week for best result.

(NOTE:- You can also take almond oil or warm coconut oil instead of rose water if you wish.)


Onion juice for hair fall control

–> Ingredients:

  • Two large onion juice (as directed in above method)
  • Few drops of lemon juice
  • One tablespoon of garlic juice (Optional)
  • Some fresh Aloe Vera Gel
  • Five-six drops of any essential oils
  • One-two tablespoons of rose water

–> Process:

Mix all the above ingredients well in any clean bowl with the help of a spoon and the magical mixture is ready. Gently apply it on your scalp and hair and massage for a few minutes on your scalp. Cover your entire hairs with a shower cap or any cloth if you wish. After some time (approx an hour), wash your hairs with normal water and then use a mild shampoo and apply conditioner for a smooth texture.

–> Usage:

You need to use it whenever you wash your hairs for super hair growth.

Hence, these were two different methods and you can use any of them as per your choice. The smell of the onion juice is a bit weird and even strong. So the second method will not give you much smell of onion so the people who don’t like onion smell much they can go for it.


I have added many other natural ingredients in the second method which all works great for your hairs such as follows:

  • Lemon juice – It helps in cleansing dirt, bacteria, fungus from your dry scalp that causes dandruff.
  • Garlic juice – This works the same as onion juice as it will help in re-growth of your hairs and reduce hair fall.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – It is a magical gel which solves almost every skin and hair problems very easily. It cures dryness, dullness and makes your hair look super silky. This gel also helps in wild hair growth and makes your hair look stronger and longer.
  • Essential oils – There are various oils such as tea tree, lavender, lemon, neem and much more. You can add to this mixture and it works superbly.
  • Rose water – This is fantastic water which helps in soothing your itchy scalp and even refreshes it. It is even good for your dull and tired skin as it gives new birth to your skin cells.

(NOTE:- People who are allergic to onions need to avoid this remedy.)

Thus,  you can try any of this method on a regular basis for a few weeks so that you can get the appropriate result. Both girls and boys can use this mixture and get beautiful hair growth. Just give try to this juice and for sure you will get the result.

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