Hot climate tips for staying cool

As we all know that the hot summer days are already started and it’s too hot climate outside. Many people become ill due to heatstroke and some of them leads to death. So it is very necessary to stay cool during hot climate to avoid various illness.

In today’s world, most of the people work and so they need to go outside even in hotter days. Even students of schools and colleges are also going outside on a regular basis and so it is must necessary to take care of your skin and body while you are outside in a hot climate.

Every people should follow the below hot climate tips for staying cool and relax even during summer days. Let’s see some of the tips during hot climate so that we stay chilled.


  • Hydrate your body:-

Hot climate - Hydrate your body

You need to drink lots of water and approximately 8-10 glasses in a day for hydrating your body. Due to a hot climate, your body loses water so drinking water in any form is very important. You can add glucose powder in water to provide instant energy to your body. Always make a habit of drinking lukewarm water along with honey in the early morning for fit and healthy body structure. During summer, your throat becomes dry so drink water immediately.

  • Eat juicy fruits and vegetables:-

Along with the water, you can even take fresh juicy fruits and vegetables in your diet for healthy skin and also for hydrating yourself. You can eat watery watermelon, oranges, tomato, cucumber, fresh fennel, various berries, pears, apple, peaches, the king of all fruits “MANGO” and lots more fruits and veggies to make your skin looks brighter. This fruits and veggies also help in glowing inner natural beauty.

Prepare a glass of lemonade, any fresh juices, fennel water (variyali sarbat), tamarind water (imli sarbat), Aam Panna and more along with water. All the above-mentioned juices or water are a great source for providing coolness to your body and even protects from sunstroke.

  • Wear sunglasses while going outside:-

Wear sunglasses in hot climate

You must wear any type of sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct severe heat which can burn your eyes. By wearing sunglasses, it helps to cover your eyes area and provides simple protecting from harmful sun rays. So always carry sunglasses whenever you go outside for work or simply for a ride during the daytime.

  • Protect your hairs:-

While going outside, simply cover your hairs with a scarf or tie it with bow or rubber band. Never leave your beautiful hairs open whenever you are outside in the hot climate. As it will damage your hairs and can lead to various hair problems such as hair breakage, dull and dry hairs. Always keep scarf or piece of cloth with you to cover your hairs. The color of the scarf or any cloth should be lighter to keep your cooler.

  • Apply Sunscreen lotion:-

Your skin is very delicate and needs to take care in every season and especially during hot climate or hot summer days. Always apply good quality sunscreen lotion to your skin areas so that it protects your skin from being damaged. If you will not apply sunscreen that it can lead to suntan or sunburn on your various skin areas.

  • Hot climate – Wear light color clothes:-

During the summer season, you should always wear lighter or brighter color clothes as it will give you a cooling effect. You will feel more comfortable wearing light clothes than dark ones. As darker color clothes will produce more heat and you will feel hotter. So try to avoid darker clothes and must wear lighter ones.

  • Stay in cooler areas:-

All the people should try to avoid going in direct sun heat as it can create many problems such as suntan, sweat, sunstroke and more. If it is necessary to go outside then use a car, train, bus for traveling purpose. Always walk in shaded areas to give more protection to your skin and body. Whenever you are inside your home, use the air conditioner so that you stay cooler in such season.

You can also wet any long cloth in cool water (extract excess water from it) and cover your whole body with it during sleep for cooling effect like air conditioner. You can even tie wet cool cloth near an open window so whenever air will come inside, you will get cooler air and not warmer air. After sometime, again wet the cloth and tie it on your open window and take advantages like an air conditioner.

  • Avoid oily food:-

As we all know that we love to have junk and fast food such as burger, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, french fries and lots more. But, during a hot climate, you should try to avoid such heavy or oily food as it will create more warming temperature inside your body. You should eat light and healthy food including juicy fruits for hydrating your body.

  • Cold shower bath during hot climate:-

You should take a cold water shower during hot climate so that it provides relief and cooling effect on your body. If you are tired than using cold shower bath, your mood will become cheerful and helps in good sleep. After a bath, you can even use cooling talc for longer time cooling effect and to prevent sweat for some time.

  • Hot climate – Basic makeup tips:-

Try to avoid applying makeup during the summer season as due to sweat it gets very messy and gets a dirty look. If you need to apply makeup than always go for light shaded makeup on your face for a nice and simple look. Always use waterproof makeup (beauty) products such as eyeliner, mascara, foundation, lipstick and more. You should use all the makeup products that are oil-free and based on water or powder form. Even choose nail polish which suits your skin during hot summer days.

  • Wash your face more times:-

Hot climate - wash your face more times

Whenever you come from outside, either take a cold shower or wash your face. This helps to remove excess oil and dirt from your oily skin. You should wash your face within a few hours to prevent sweat and get clear skin. It will also help you in reducing acne and pimple problem from your skin.

  • Hair wash:-

Hot climate - hair wash

During a hot climate, there is more sweat present in your whole body including your hair portion. You can get sweat while workout, outside work, sitting in a hotter climate and lots more. So to avoid bad smell due to sweat or dandruff problem, always wash your hairs within two-three days regularly. We can also say that you should wash your hairs twice or thrice in a week. Even wash with mild shampoo on alternate days in a week for people with more sweat. You can try out various hair masks for your hair problems during summers.

Hence, these were some of the basic hot climate tips for staying cool and maintaining and protecting your body from high heat. Let us have a look at some tips while you are going outside and they are as follows:-


Hot climate tips

  1. Apply sunscreen lotion, wear sunglasses, cover your face and hair area with a scarf, wear hand gloves to protect your skin.
  2. Keep a cool water bottle and few sweet chocolates along with you for instant energy.
  3. You can even carry a small umbrella along with you to protect your whole body. (Optional as it is bit funny) (Good option)
  4. Wear light shaded clothes and also light makeup if needed for a cooler look during summer.
  5. Carry wet wipes, blotting paper, small makeup kit for touch up if anything goes wrong.
  6. Walk in shaded portion and drink water after some time to keep yourself hydrated.

Thus, the hot climate tips for staying cool is described very easily in the above portion. You should follow the above steps to make your days happier during hot summer. All the tips are easy to apply it on a daily basis and try to follow all of them.

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