Hot shower or Cold shower: Choose better

Are you confused about choosing a hot shower or a cold shower for a bath? If so, then here is the solution: “Hot shower v/s Cold shower”, various benefits and one of the best for bath shower.

I am very excited to discuss this topic “Hot shower and Cold shower” as many people are confused about which shower is good for your skin and lots more. So basically both hot shower and cold shower have their own benefits but among them, one is the super best to use and the result will be declared at last of this article (Just kidding).

Most of the people have the habit of taking a hot shower during cold weather (winter season) and a cold shower during hot summer days. First, we will discuss the benefits of both of them and then declare the best one.

Come on people!! Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of a hot shower and cold shower as shown below.


  • Hot Shower:-

Hot shower

There are various benefits of a hot shower and most of the people are taking a hot bath during winters to protect from severe cold.

  1. Various people suffering from cold can take a hot bath as it will help to clear nasal pipe which is blogged due to severe cold.
  2. Hard working people who are tired and wants a good relax sleep can take this bath. As it will help you to have a nice and good sleep at night.
  3. It also helps you to get relax and even it works well to soften your skin pores so that dirt and other things can be removed easily.
  4. This shower works as a steam bath for removing blackheads, whiteheads and lots more. As it will open pores and you can easily remove the bad stuff from your skin pores.
  5. When you are in tension at that time you must take a hot shower as it will provide relaxation to your mind and body.
  • Cold Shower:-

A cold bath is very good for your skin as well as for your hairs and there are lots of advantages of taking a cold bath. This particular bath should be taken on a daily basis if you are health conscious.

  1.  After this cold shower, your upset mind and mood will get refreshed and feel energetic.
  2. Taking this shower in the early morning will keep you active and full of energy the whole day.
  3. As I said above the cold bath is a really good source for your skin and also for your hairs.
  4. SKIN:-

                  –> This helps to give your skin a refresh and glowing look to your dull skin. It even tightens your skin pores so that dirt does not get inside it. It helps in maintaining skin texture and provides natural charm to your dull skin. Cold bath does not allow your skin to get too dry as that in a hot bath.

  5. HAIR:-

                                          —> Cold water is very friendly with your hairs as it will not allow your hairs to look rough. It helps to strengthen your hairs, reduces hair fall and even makes your hair look bouncier. It provides shiny texture to your dull hairs and gives an energetic look to your hairs. By using cold water, it even makes your scalp look healthy.

  6. This water is magical as it will help in providing relief from excess stress or tension.
  7. It even improves the immune system and protects your body against various harmful diseases.
  8. Those people who depend on cold water bath become less ill so it is even good for your health.
  9. The cold bath even improves blood circulation in your body and even clears the blockage.
  10. People with high blood pressure should take a cold shower as it will help to lower down blood pressure.
  11. Daily usage of the cold shower also helps in weight loss and gives you a fit and healthy body.

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Hence, these were few benefits of both and now we will discuss the best shower to take every day.


Cold shower better than hot shower

As you have seen above various benefits of the hot and cold shower but here I will tell you the best shower for healthy skin.

  • Both the showers are best at their own place with various benefits. But I think that “COLD SHOWER” is the best compared to the hot shower.
  • A cold shower is good for your skin and hair but with a hot bath, it will make your skin and hair too dry so cold is highly preferred.
  • If you will start having a cold bath on daily purpose than it will become a habit and you can take it during every season.
  • Sometimes during very cold weather, you can use lukewarm water for a bath if you wish but not hot water.
  • Hot water can also sometimes burn your upper skin cells and ultimately your skin becomes dark and dry.
  • If you want a healthy and fit body with bonus points (glowing skin + gorgeous hairs) then surely you must use cold water.

Hence, the discussion is over and the winner of today’s debate “HOT v/s COLD SHOWER” is the Cold Shower Bath. People who are a lover of the hot bath should immediately stop using it. And must transfer your bath with cold water for various benefits. I know that suddenly you cannot change from hot to cold water so I have a solution. For a few days, you start using lukewarm water and slowing convert it into cold water. So after some days, you will be comfortable with a cold bath and see the benefits of using it.

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