How to insert a menstrual cup

Hey girls, have you decided to give a menstrual cup a chance? If yes, then let’s begin with a discussion regarding how to insert a menstrual cup. Using a menstrual cup is really a good option. And it can hold more blood than sanitary pad and tampons.

Basically menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product. It is usually made up of either silicon or rubber. And if you know how to insert a menstrual cup. Then, your life is going to be easy. As periods are really a problem for many girls. And this will really resolve your problem.

If you have inserted properly then there will be no leakage. And you can easily do any activity. The most important thing no skin irritation or itchiness. There are several ways of inserting a menstrual cup. You can choose the way you are comfortable with.

There are many menstrual cups available in the market of various brands. You can go to any brand you like. And they are more cost-effective then sanitary pads and tampons.

If you are aware of tampons or using it. Then, it is much easier for you to insert a menstrual cup. I will provide you a quick guide on how to insert a menstrual cup easily.


How to insert a menstrual cup

If you are a beginner then you can learn how to insert a menstrual cup before your periods. Simply give a practice before your period dates. And if you are worried about leakage as a new beginner. Then, during periods along with menstrual cups use panty liners. Within a few period cycles, you will be familiar with the usage.

Sterilize the menstrual cup:

Before inserting the menstrual cup, you need to sterilize it. Put the menstrual cup in the boiling water. Let it stay for 5 minutes and now it is completely sterilized. And finally, it is ready to be used. You should also wash your hands before inserting a menstrual cup. Your hands and menstrual cup both should be cleaned.

How to insert a menstrual cup:

Before inserting a menstrual cup completely relax. Because it is important to get full relaxation. Now, find a comfortable position for insertion. You can squat down, sit on a toilet, or put one leg on the toilet. Find out the position which works the best for you.

There are various folding methods and choose the one which goes well for you. Let’s discuss various folding methods. And use the one in which you are comfortable.

How to insert a menstrual cup - C-fold method

1) C-fold or U-fold:

Fold the menstrual cup exactly halfway in length.

2) Punch-down fold:

Press the rim down to the base and compress the cup together. So, it does not pop up and open. This method forms the smallest diameter. And thereby performing the easiest way to insert.

3) 7-fold to insert a menstrual cup:

Fold the menstrual cup closed and push one top edge diagonally downward to the other bottom edge.

4) Double 7-fold:

This is the same technique as the previous fold (7-fold). But it has a much deeper insertion point. Hold the cup from the bottom and push the rivals to flatten the cup. Take one side of the cup and fold it down towards the stem. In the same way, hold in the same position. Turn the cup and then fold it down towards the stem.

Steps for inserting and release:

How to insert a menstrual cup

1) After selecting from the above folding methods. Simply, insert the folding menstrual cup in your vagina.

2) You can use a water-based lubricant to make the menstrual cup insertion easier. For that, you need to apply it to the rim.

3) When the cup is entirely inserted inside. Remove your fingers and let the cup pop up and open.

4) Make sure you have insert a menstrual cup properly and it is unfolded.

5) For checking the cup is unfolded or not. Simply, feel the cup at the base as it should be round or oval.

6) If you feel any folds then it means it is not unfolded. In that case, you can hold the base of the cup and try to rotate it from side to side. This will ensure that it is sealed properly. The second thing, you can do that remove the cup and again insert it.

If the stem of the cup pricks then trim it. But, remember not at the inserting time. You can cut it before inserting it into the vagina.

Wear for how many hours:

A menstrual cup is really a great option than a tampon or pad. Also, you can use the menstrual cup for up to twelve hours. So, you have to empty the cup only twice a day. It totally depends on your blood flow. So for some girls, they have to empty it more than two times a day. And then insert a menstrual cup again.

How to insert a menstrual cup

The menstrual cup collects blood so no skin irritation and no dryness problem. It can hold a few more times than tampons. Some pads can create itchiness or rashes on the skin. But with a menstrual cup, you do not have to worry about such things.

Removal of menstrual cup:

You need to wash your hands before removing a cup from the vagina. Sanitize your hands and make sure it is completely clean. Just relax and be comfortable before removing. Select a comfortable position like squatting down, putting one leg on the toilet, or sitting on the toilet.

1) Firstly, pull the stem slightly until you reach the base.

2) Now, gently squeeze the base so the vacuum will be released.

3) Slide the menstrual cup out by gently rolling it from side to side.

4) Empty the blood from the cup into the toilet.

5) Wash the cup with mild soap and water. And now it is ready for inserting again.

6) If your periods are over, then you can sterilize it in boiling water. Clean it completely and put it in the cotton bag.

So, this was the whole process of how to insert a menstrual cup. Do not keep the cup outside as it can come in contact with dust and more. Always use a bag to store the menstrual cup. I hope this will help you and best wishes for your first experience.

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