How to look beautiful and get vibrant skin

Hey, beautiful …!! I know so many of you have a question in your mind, “HOW TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT MAKEUP?” Let me tell you one thing that if you will be confident and take little care of your skin. Then, you will look more beautiful than any girl wearing makeup. Everyone should love their skin whether it is fair, medium, or dark skin. The way you are you should love yourself.

How to look beautiful

 There are lots of tips which will help you to look beautiful naturally. And the most important thing is “WITHOUT MAKEUP“. If you will follow these tips then I am sure that you will confidently step out without makeup. Sometimes it’s fine to do makeup but on a regular basis, it’s really not good. So, it’s better to focus on inner beauty. And to work on how to look beautiful naturally with some pampering skincare sessions.

How to look beautiful

So, without wasting more time now let’s discuss some tips on how to look beautiful and get vibrant skin. Also, these tips will help you a lot and these will surely reduce your makeup usage.


Drink enough water and eat a healthy diet:

You all know that drinking an adequate amount of water is really important. As it hydrates your skin as well as your body. To maintain body shape you can also drink warm water along with some lemon and honey. Simply warm water will also work great.

After water, it is necessary to talk about diet. What you eat, shows on your face. So, try to avoid junk and oily food. It is fine to take on some days but not regularly. Go for a healthy diet including green veggies and fresh fruits. You can consume it in any form like juices, salads, smoothies, etc.

Exercise for relieving stress:

How to look beautiful - Exercise

As we all know that today’s lifestyle is really stressful. So, it is really important to keep our body calm and relaxed. And for that exercise is a really good option. You can go for a morning walk and have a look at greens in the surrounding. If you love to listen to songs then you can do it while walking.

Do some exercise and yoga every day. And this will help in maintaining the body. So, this will help you to keep a healthy body. Your skin will also feel fresh and relaxed.

Cleansing to look beautiful:

How to look beautiful - cleansing

Cleansing your skin is really essential as it removes all the dirt and excess oil. You should never skip cleansing as it helps to cleanse skin pores. After coming from work, you must wash your face with a mild cleanser. So, all the pollutants present on your skin will be cleaned.

You can use a face wash that contains natural and organic ingredients. And select it according to your skin type. Wash your face and neck twice every day for clear looking skin.

Steaming your face to look beautiful:

Taking steam really helps in opening pores. And also helps in deeper cleansing and softens blackheads. Because of steaming it is easier to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

Steaming also helps in giving you a natural glow to your face. It also removes bad impurities which cause pimples and acne. It really hydrates your skin and relaxes your face. You can also add some essential oils in hot water during the steam. So, that it will increase the effect and also help to relieve headaches.

Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells:

Exfoliating is basically the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin. Scrubbing really helps in removing dead skin, dirt, excess oil, as well as whiteheads and blackheads. Always use a toner or simply wet your face and neck before scrubbing. And this will leave your skin soft and smooth. Not only face and neck but you can also go for full-body scrub once or twice in a week. Because this will remove all the tanning. And will give you even skin tone.

There are lots of scrubs available in the market. So, choose carefully and go for organic brands. And if you are having dry skin then go for gel scrubs. While for oily skin people they should opt for cream-based scrubs. You can also prepare homemade scrubs using rice flour, honey, aloe vera gel, coffee, sugar, and more.

Face pack to look beautiful:

How to look beautiful - Face pack

Applying face pack twice or thrice in a week will help you in solving many skin problems. It really helps you in brightening your dull and tired skin. Also, reduces dark spots and pigmentation. You can use DIYs with ingredients like turmeric, neem powder, rose powder, gram flour, cocoa powder, aloe vera gel, sandalwood powder, and lots more.

If you are a busy person then you can also opt for ready-mate face packs. And make sure you go for the best brand which does not use any chemicals. Your skin will really look healthy and beautiful. Once it is done you can complete the process by simply rubbing an ice cube on your face and neck. This will help in minimizing open pores and tightens your skin. It will also reduce dark circles under the eyes.


Many of you think that toner is really not such a vital part of skincare. But, let me tell you that it is really important as it hydrates your skin really well. And also helps to diminish open pores problem. You have to use toner before applying serum and moisturizer.

There are lots of toners available which you can use such as rose, tea tree, green tea, cucumber, pomegranate, witch hazel, neem, tulsi toner, and more. You can use any of them according to your skin type.

Face serum and Under eye serum:

Serums are light-weight and effortlessly absorbs into your skin. Regular usage of serum will give you visible skin results. Your skin will look creamier and also beautiful. It also helps to reduce the size of open pores. There are several formulations available in serum-like oil, water-based, gel, and more. So, you can go with any of them according to your skin concern.

The under-eye serum is a must if you are suffering from a dark circle problem. It helps to hydrate your under-eye area and clears dryness problems. Also, helps in dealing with fine lines. Use them regularly for fresh, younger, and glowing skin look. You can also use under eye cream as it will help to hydrate and moisturize your under-eye area.


Moisturizing your skin is really necessary to keep it hydrated. It also reduces skin blemishes and wrinkles. Gives you younger-looking skin complexion and a brighter skin look. You need to moisturize every day once at day time and second at night time before sleep.

Not only the face and neck area but your hands and another area where you feel dry. You will get soft skin and it will also reduce the dryness problems. Body butter, moisturizing gel, lotion, etc you can go for any option to moisturize your skin.

There are many moisturizers that contain SPF protection. So, you can also go for that option. As it will work as a sunscreen and moisturizer both. And will help you to protect from harsh sun rays which damages your skin. Else, you can apply moisturizer and then finish it by apply sunscreen.

Lip balm:

How to look beautiful - Lip balm

If you want to look beautiful then your smile matters a lot. And your beautiful smile is attached with soft lips. And for that, you need to take little care of your lips. Once or twice use a lip scrub to remove the dead layer from lips. And this will also lighten dark lips.

Regularly apply lip balm as it will keep your lips moisturized. Also, before sleep at night you must apply lip balm. And the next morning you will see your chapped and dry lips are now really soft. So, go for any organic lip balm which fits in your budget.

Your teeth:

For a beautiful smile, you will need white beautiful teeth. And for that, you need to brush twice daily. This will help to get rid of bacteria and germs. Your mouth will be fresh then you will automatically feel confident. The smile on your face is a real beauty. So, for that take good care of your teeth.

Body or Facial hair:

Grooming your facial hair from time to time is really important. Perfect shaped eyebrows add a richer look to your face. You can use plucker, facial trimmer, facial waxing, and more. Whatever suits you go for it and remove facial hair. You will notice that your skin is glowing and it is really soft.

How to look beautiful - waxing

Not only face but hands, legs, underarms, and private parts grooming is a must. So, you can go for any option whichever you like and remove all unwanted hair from your body.

Beauty sleep to look beautiful and fresh:

Beauty sleep of six to eight hours is a must. As if you will not take good sleep then dark circles, tiredness, and dullness will be visible. Good sleep will relieve stress and calm your mind. Think good so you will get good thoughts during sleep. And will give the great results the next day. As you have taken a nice sleep so you will be in a good mood. So, this will give your skin a fresh and glowing look.

How to look beautiful - good sleep

Hence, all the tips on how to look beautiful are described nicely. And try to follow all the above steps and you will surely get the result. If you will be happy and confident then your skin will look beautiful automatically. Go for it and try to be happy with a beautiful smile.

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