How to stop period pain with effective ways

HOW TO STOP PERIOD PAIN…? This is the big question in everyone’s mind. It is normal to have pain during periods. And especially during the first two days. Some girls are lucky which does not get period pain. But, for those who are having period pain. Don’t worry as you can easily reduce your pain in effective ways. And you will get to know about it in this article.

How to stop period pain

Menstrual cramps arise as the uterus contracts to shed the uterine layer. Periods come every month and the first two or three days are the worst. During periods, you will get pain in the stomach, lower back and, upper thighs. Some girls also get mood swings along with vomiting, diarrhea, and more.

How to stop period pain

Dealing with period pain or cramps can be worst. So, luckily we have some effective ways to deal with pain. And you will get absolute relief from severe pain or cramps. Have a look at some effective ways to stop period pain.


Hydrate yourself:

Drinking more water is really important during periods. Bloating can cause irritation. Also, it can make your period pain worse. So, drinking an adequate amount of water will help to reduce bloating. If you drink hot water then it also helps to relax your muscles.

Drink herbal teas:

Drink herbal teas - How to stop period pain

Herbal teas are really good for your health. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. So, this will help in relaxing the muscles and reduces cramps. You can try different herbal teas like chamomile, ginger, fennel, and more. This is the easiest and natural way to reduce period pain. Also, it will help in reducing stress from your body.

Jaggery to stop period pain:

As you all know, that you should avoid caffeine, sugar, and salt during periods. As it dehydrates your body and makes your cramps worse. So, if you want to eat some sweet thing. Then, you can definitely eat a piece of jaggery. Yes, it’s true that jaggery helps in reducing period pain and cramps.

How to stop period pain

Jaggery contains potassium and sodium which are effective in treating period problems. Eating a little piece of jaggery which helps you to deal with cramps, period pain, mood swings, and more. You can eat it regularly during period days.


If you are thinking of eating fast food like burger, french fries, and more. Then, stop thinking immediately as it is better to avoid during periods. Instead, eat a banana or any fruit like strawberry or papaya. It will help in reducing cramps and stop period pain. You can consume it in any form like a smoothie, milkshake, and more.

Banana is an amazing fruit for calming period cramps. Also, it is rich in potassium which prevents muscle pain. It also helps to fight bloating problems.

Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate - how to stop period pain

If you are a chocolate lover or want to eat something sweet. Then, you have the best idea of eating dark chocolate. It is better to avoid sugar during periods. But, you can definitely eat dark chocolate to improve your mood. It is also high in potassium. So, it helps to relieve muscle pain and cramps. You can reduce your stress during periods by eating dark chocolate.

Anti-inflammatory foods:

Some foods have natural properties to provide relief from cramps. It also helps to promote blood flow and relax your muscles. You can eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, and more. Other foods like pineapple, tomatoes, berries, turmeric, ginger, almonds, walnut, and more. You can have it in any form like juice, salad, smoothie, and more.

Hot water bag to stop period pain:

This is a common and effective way to stop period pain. And I think most of you will be aware of using it. Simply boil the water and pour hot water in the hot water bag. Put the hot bag on the lower abdomen. And this will help in relaxing muscles. And also reduces period cramps. It also reduces stress or tension during periods.

Hot shower:

There are some myths and many people follow them. So, they do not take bath during their periods. But in my opinion, every girl should take bath. Especially hot shower as it will help to relax your body as well as muscles. Maintaining proper hygiene is necessary during periods. Your stress and tiredness will be removed. And you will feel fresh and energetic. A hot shower will also help to stop period pain.


Exercise is a must to make your body fit and healthy. But, during periods some might be lazy or maybe in pain. And decides to avoid exercise or yoga. But, little exercise and light stretching will help in reducing pain. And also helps to relax body muscles. You can also take a walk to freshen up your mood. Else do some yoga and you will feel better.

Oil massage to stop period pain:

Massaging with oil on your lower abdomen helps to stop period pain and cramps. Sesame oil is the best for oil massage during periods. It is rich in linoleic acid which helps in a pain-relieving massage. You can also do full body massage to reduce stress.

Essential oils - how to stop period pain

You can also use soothing essential oils for massage. For that, you will need one or two tablespoons of coconut oil. And add three drops each of lavender and peppermint essential oil. Mix them well and massage it to reduce cramps. Lavender oil helps to soothe and relax your muscles. While peppermint oil helps in reducing period pain.

So, these were some effective ways to stop period pain. And you can go for any of the options. As all of the above ways are really effective in treating cramps and to stop period pain.

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