Makeup artist tricks for flawless skin

Have you ever heard about the great talent of any makeup artist? Every makeup artist is best on their own as they are well trained. They have done various practices so that they can be a perfect makeup artist. All the makeup artist are having great skills and art as they can solve any big problem within few minutes through makeup. They are so talented and expert that others cannot recognize how perfectly they have managed the problem.

They are using various tricks to make your skin looks flawless through makeup but natural look. Various makeup artist makes sure that the makeup does not look heavy. They try to give you a light but rich looking makeup on your skin. If you face any issue on the spot they use various tricks to solve it. Most of the celebrities have their makeup from the best makeup artist. Any function or on any occasion they call makeup artist for their best look.

After many efforts and hard work, they have become the best makeup artist. They are having such an amazing skill that they can change your whole look. Have a look at makeup artist tips and tricks for a flawless skin which is described below:


  • Best primer:-

Makeup artist - primer

The tone of the primer should choose perfect for brightening your skin. If you are tired and your skin looks a bit dull, then they have a solution for that. That is they select peach or pink tone primer for application. So that your skin will not look dull. It will give you a more brightening and fresh look. They usually hide your dark circles or pigmented areas for flawless skin.

  • Have powder before foundation:-

makeup artist - powder before foundation

After applying primer, they usually use the best powder but in the little amount on your skin. They help to make your makeup stays for a longer time. After applying some amount of powder they will apply foundation on it. This helps in perfectly balancing your skin tone. They will make sure not to apply to much powder. Otherwise, after applying the foundation, it will look heavy. They try to give the perfect balance of everything for a perfect and flawless look.

  • Choose a perfect foundation:-

They will see your skin complexion and choose the perfect match of foundation. If you did not select according to your skin tone then it could look weird. A makeup artist knows that foundation shade is important for a perfect match. Take the proper shade and they will apply on your skin where there are dark patches and on your skin. These will help in giving you even tone skin. They even apply foundation on your back or shoulder if you are wearing such an outfit. This helps to make your skin looks even in every part of your body.

  • Balancing of color shades:-

When you apply makeup on your own for small functions or on regular basis work. Many times you do mistake in choosing wrong shades for your skin. This will make your makeup look too messy and spoils your beauty. While makeup artist makes sure to select the right shades according to your skin tone. They try to make a balance between your skin shade and tones used on it.

  • Hiding pimples and facial hairs:-

There can be various reasons for having pimples or acne on your face. Even facial hairs are natural so you can either remove it. Otherwise, a makeup artist will show their magic over it. They try to hide your pimples or others very easily. Even your facial hairs will disappear through their base makeup tricks. This will help you to give a nice and fabulous look.

  • Maintaining eye shadow:- 

Makeup artist - maintain eye shadow

Many girls have small eyes where others have large eyes. So they do makeup according to your eye size. When dark shades are used on large eyes it just looks beautiful. But when done on small eyes will give you even smaller look. So makeup artist keeps such things in mind and then do makeup. They take shades that suit your skin and also your outfit. Mostly used shades are based on golden, pink, peach, and even smoky shades.

  • Makeup artist trick – Long lasting lipstick:-

You can apply lipstick according to your choice whether matte, creamy or so on. Many girls have a complaint that their lipstick does not stay for a longer time. Especially, when they drink or eat something the lipstick starts disappearing. Now for that problem, makeup artist uses tissue paper to wipe off extra lipstick so that it stays on your lips for a longer time. Even you can do it because the trick is so simple. After applying lipstick, take one tissue paper and keep it in between your lips. Simply dab it and remove extra to give a long-lasting effect.

Hence, these are some of the tricks used by a makeup artist while doing makeup. Let’s see some more things which you should follow before going to the makeup artist.


skin care before going to makeup artist

Look I know that makeup artist are great on their own and have great skills. But you should even look at your skin before going to a makeup artist. So that their work to deal with your skin will be easy. Few things that you should follow so that your skin looks, even more, prettier with makeup.

  1. Apply egg yolk or Aloe Vera gel on your skin before having makeup.
  2. You can keep it according to your time or until it dries completely and then remove it.
  3. This helps in giving you natural shine and brightness on your skin.
  4. If you have fewer eyelashes then apply some almond oil or castor oil on it daily.
  5. These will help you in giving thicker eyelashes within a few weeks.
  6. You can even apply these oils on your eyebrows if they are thin and light.
  7. Apply desi ghee on your cracked lips for smooth and silky lips.
  8. Drink more water and eat healthy stuff for inner glowing beauty.
  9. Clean your skin with cold water or either take a cold shower bath before having makeup.
  10. This helps in giving you clear skin and makeup artist can work on it easily.

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With these few things done on before having makeup can help a lot. Makeup artist has to make less effort on your skin problems. By doing such things you will get natural glow so after applying makeup you will get a more charming look.

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