Makeup Tips for Moms in their 40s

After looking at the radiant skin of women in their 40s and 50s, I am sure you must have wished for the same. Aging is a natural phenomenon and with every passing day, we can see its effects on our skin, mind, body, etc. Growing up we start taking more care of our internal body as we can feel its demand for the same. In addition to our internal body, our skin demands care too. The makeup, skincare routines we follow in our 20s prove to be of less importance when we grow and it becomes significant to bring a change therein. This article on 7 makeup tips for moms in their 40s will unfold the transformation we need to adopt.

Makeup tips

Age is not just a number, it consists of a lot of responsibilities. Contrary to the increase in responsibilities there is a decrease in the amount of personal care whether it is for the mind or our skin. The fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, etc. are some of the natural effects that come with age but alongside the effect, it is our skin’s responsiveness towards its demand of care. If properly taken care of they won’t look as bulged out as in the case of vice versa.

7 Makeup Tips for Moms in their 40s

Makeup tips

Who says makeup doesn’t look good with age? According to Skinprosac, it is not the makeup but the way it’s applied that makes the skin look aged. Every period from infancy to old has lots of pros and cons. Every period has its own skin type and properties which look beautiful at their particular time. “Old is gold”, this phrase resembles in terms of maturity and experience that comes with age but many times it doesn’t resemble the effects on the skin it brings alongside. Beauty brands and professional tips can go a long way in catering to those effects and bringing out the best look of an individual. Moreover make-up is a medium to enhance the beauty and not to provide an overall different look. Some of the professional tips to an effective makeup are-

Understanding your skin:

With an increase in age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity. It starts sagging and becoming dry and thin. Therefore it becomes necessary to start your day with skincare. Prepping the skin well before applying makeup is a useful method to get a gorgeous look. Many times it’s good for women in their 40s to-

  • Use more moisturizer- In order to restrain dryness from the skin, use more moisturizer than you previously used.
  • Reduce the amount of foundation- Using less foundation will prevent your skin from baking up. Furthermore, a cream texture foundation with thinner formula could be used as it covers the skin without giving a mac finish.

Apply shimmery eyeshadows:

Makeup tips

You might have heard about this opinion that with age shimmers should be avoided. However, this is just an opinion and not the truth. It doesn’t depend on the shimmer but the way you apply it makes your eyes pop in a bad way. For making your shimmery eyeshadows stand out, you need to apply them on the eyelid and below the crease. If going beyond the crease, it might lose its finish and will make you look old.

Don’t overdo mascara and eyeliner – Makeup tips:

Growing up isn’t easy and it becomes even more difficult when you see your skin losing its youthfulness daily. But this in no way means to overdo any product in order to overcome the emptiness therein. In case the eyebrows and eyelashes aren’t holding up to their life cycle for long, you can go for treatments like lash enhancement and lash extensions. But you shouldn’t go overboard with eyeliners and mascara. This can make you look more tired. In addition to this, the eyes lose their definition and look heavy and sunken in.

Wear lighter lipstick shades – Makeup tips:

Makeup tips - lighter lipshade

Lighter lipstick shades have the capability to enhance the overall look of a woman in her 40s. With age, our lips tend to lose their elasticity and start becoming thin and darker shades add to their thinness and make them look even smaller. Therefore light and nude shades should be your first pick instead of darker shades.

Tip- If you have ever felt that nude shades don’t look good on you, then try this hack. Apply a little darker lip liner to your lips and cover them with it completely, then apply your nude shade. This will enhance the look and will make your lipstick even more beautiful.

Keep a soft hand on blush – Makeup tips:

Blushes have the capability to provide a nice flush to the cheeks but a little hard hand on blush can’t stop you from getting the clownish look. However, a good understanding of your skin tone can never go wrong while choosing the blush shade. This can be done with basic tips-

  • Warmer the skin tone, warmer should be the blush shade

Light pink is a good shade for medium to fair skin whereas for dark skin deep pink and coral shades can be preferred. Wanna add a nice color to your cheeks, go for a good shade and try not to overdo it.

Using a concealer and a color corrector:

Dark circles, pigmented skin, discoloration are some unwanted guests that are a gift of age and can’t be avoided. However, if it can’t be avoided it can be corrected with the help of concealer and a color corrector. A concealer shade should never be darker than your skin tone as it will oxidize making the skin look grey. Match it with your skin tone and go for a shade that matches your skin or is one shade lighter. Moreover, a color corrector can be in boon if you are a victim of dark circles and pigmentation.

Opt for a color corrector and a concealer after prepping your skin for a good makeup look.

Don’t hesitate to choose false lashes:

Makeup tips - false eyelashes

Are you afraid of costly and painful lash treatments, then don’t hesitate to choose false lashes? After taking into consideration all the facts, the only option left with you is false lashes. They are an easy, affordable, painless option for your thin eyelashes to stand out and enhance the beauty of your makeup.


Going through this article on 7 makeup tips for moms in their 40s, you must have broken down many of your misconceptions. However, many of you might have your own style of doing make-up and choosing the products for you. But if you include these tips in your makeup routine, you may get even better results.

These professional guidelines have a lot to do with your makeup style and routine. Moreover, they have the capability to add a pinch of wow factor to your makeup.

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