Massage oils for babies: Pick the best one

Gentle oil massage to your newborn baby is necessary. This helps to make their bones stronger. Also helps to make their muscles become strong. There are various massage oils for babies like almond, olive, coconut oil, and many more. But it is necessary to pick the best one which is comfortable with the baby’s body.

Our mothers and grandmothers used to massage our bodies with oils when we are babies. They used to gently massage our body for making it healthy. Choose the oils according to the season and what is best for the baby. Always use natural and organic products for babies. As they have very delicate skin.

Mothers…!! be ready to choose the right massage oils for babies. Here is the list of some of the best massage oils for babies. Pick the right one from the below list and make your baby feel comfortable.


  • Almond oil (Best among other massage oils for babies):-

Massage oils for babies - Almond oil

Almonds are good for your health and body. Various packs of skin and hair are made from the almond oil. Almond oil is a very common ingredient used in many baby massage oils. It is loaded with Vitamin E which is good for the skin. It helps to gently nourish baby’s dry skin. This oil helps to relax a baby’s body and gives good sleep. Almond oil is best used during winter. It totally removes dryness from the skin. Also, it gives a smooth touch to their skin. You can also use this oil in summers and monsoon season. It is an all-rounder oil that can be used in any season.

  • Mustard oil:-

There are lots of benefits of mustard oil. It is good to massage oil, especially during cold weather or winter. As it provides a warming effect on your baby’s body. This helps to protect your baby’s body from cold. It contains a bit pungent smell so your baby might be not comfortable with it. So you can instead opt for olive oil or almond oil in winters. You can also add this oil with any other carrier oils. If your baby is having very sensitive skin then avoid this oil.

  • Olive oil:-

Massage oils for babies - Olive oil

Olives are great in taste and also contains various benefits. It helps to make your body fit and healthy. It is added to many hair masks and also for face masks. This oil is perfect for dry skin problem. It removes dryness and roughness from the skin. Also makes it look soft and smooth. Olive oil should be used during the winter season.

  • Sesame oil:-

Massage oils for babies - sesame oil

Sesame is also known as “Til” and used in many healthy dishes. This oil is very popular in India and mostly found in every kitchen. It is a very common oil is many benefits. It is a very healthy oil or ingredient which gives a great massage to your baby. During summer, this is the great oil for usage. It is a light oil and makes your baby feel comfortable. This oil massage makes the baby’s bone stronger.

  • Coconut oil:-

Massage oils for babies - coconut oil

This oil is the best choice for summer use. As it contains a cooling effect which is good for babies during hot climate days. It has a very light texture so it easily absorbs in the skin. Coconut contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. So you can surely use this oil for preventing bacterial infection. And making your baby’s body healthy.

  • Castor oil:-

Massage oils for babies - castor oil

As you know that castor oil is best for wild hair growth. Also, there are many skin and hair benefits. It also helps to treat the dryness problem. Most of the mothers use this oil before having a baby bath. It is a thick massage oil so they use this before having a bath. It also cures dry hair, nails, and skin problem. This makes their nails look strong and also their body.

  • Tea tree essential oil:-

There are many essential oils that are good for skin and hair. But, tea tree essential oil is best for baby’s massage. If your baby is having very sensitive skin then this oil works best. It contains an antiseptic property which is good for their skin. This natural oil gently treats the baby’s sensitive skin. Do not use this essential oil directly. You can add this oil with any of the carrier oils. Choose any carrier oil of your choice and add some drops of this oil. Now, this oil is ready for the baby’s gentle massage.

  • Chamomile oil:-

This is a great oil for babies with extra sensitive skin. It also helps to treat severe rash and inflammation on their skin. This oil is best if your baby is suffering from the rash issue. If your baby suffers from acute abdominal pain (colic) then this oil is best. It helps to provide relief and a good bed sleep. Chamomile oil also helps to cure other breakout problems.

So these were some of the best massaging oils for babies. Pick the right one for your babies. Let’s have a look at some tips while massaging your baby.


Massage oils for babies

  1. Select any one massage oil and apply some amount on the baby’s skin and keep watch for a few hours. If nothing happens then you can continue with that oil.
  2. Make sure that you dilute the essential oil with any carrier oils if you use it for massage.
  3. Massage oil on your baby’s skin keeping the time in mind. As they will fall asleep after having a good massage.
  4. While massage oil on their body, make sure they are comfortable. Do not force your baby for massage.
  5. Give a gentle massage with any oil and do not put more pressure on their body.
  6. Massage oils for babies should be not too cold or hot. So always check the temperature of the oil before using it.
  7. Always clean your hands before using massage oil for maintaining proper hygiene.
  8. Take any oil on your palm and give a gentle massage to your baby.

Hence, the tips while an application is described. You can even take the help of your elders or grandmothers for a proper massage. Always use natural baby products for their delicate skin. As it will not harm their skin.

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