Menstrual cup dangers – Issues and their solutions

As you have seen in the earlier article about how to insert a menstrual cup. And the whole process about inserting and removing. Now, let’s talk about menstrual cup dangers. The menstrual cup is really a game-changer. Also, it is really a good option to switch from sanitary pads and tampons to menstrual cups.

Menstrual cup dangers

If you want mess-free periods than you should definitely try a menstrual cup. The menstrual cup is totally safe to use. But, it can create danger if not used properly. Other than that, it is safe and hygienic. Sanitary pads and tampons soak blood whereas menstrual cup holds and collects.

Have a look at some points on menstrual cup dangers. There are a few issues that can create danger. But at the same time, there is a solution. So, don’t worry, and let’s talk further.


Select the cup from trusted brand:

There are many brands which are offering menstrual cups. You can go for the brand which provides a medical safe cup. Menstrual cups are not easily available in the market places. Make some research on the menstrual cup and then decide which is the best one to buy.

Either you can buy it from a medical shop. Other than that, the best option is to buy online. You can visit the website of a particular brand. Make some research on the menstrual cup and then decide which is the best one to buy.

Difficult to find the perfect size:

In the beginning, if you are confused regarding the size. Then, you might go through a leakage problem. There are two types of sizes available for the menstrual cup. One is in small size which is for women under 30 age. If you have not given birth to the child then also you can go for a small one. And if you are above 30 age or given birth to a child then go for big size.

Selecting the proper size is necessary to avoid menstrual cup dangers. Otherwise, it can lead to a problem regarding leakage. If you will insert a perfect size cup, then it will create a proper seal. Selecting size can depend on your age, flow, and more. So, it might be confusing for many. But with the trial, you can definitely get the right one.

Removing the cup can be messy:

Menstrual cup dangers - removal can be messy

Inserting the menstrual cup can be an easy task if you have learned it properly. But, removing might be a tricky task. There are various positions for removing the cup. But, if you do not remove it in an incorrect manner. Then, it can create some spilling which can be embarrassing. It is one of the big issues in menstrual cup dangers. And if you are in a public toilet then it can be embarrassing to empty in the restroom sink. In that case, the best option is to carry a water bottle and some wipes.

You need some practice and then you will not face such a problem. Although, you have to remove the cup twice a day. But, if you have heavy flow it might take more than twice. Using a menstrual cup is somewhat easy than wearing a pad or tampon. As you do not have to remove or change in 4-6 hours. You have to remove the cup after 10-12 hours.

Keeping the cup inside for a long time – Menstrual cup dangers:

Menstrual cup dangers - keeping the cup for longer hours

This is the main point in the menstrual cup dangers. Because if you forgot to remove the cup then it can be really dangerous. It can also lead to infection and more. You must change it after 10-12 hours. Also, do not keep it more than that. Empty the blood and clean the cup properly. And again insert it with clean and washed hands.


Menstrual cup dangers - Irritation

Irritation occurs due to many reasons. And it can also happen if you have inserted a cup without proper lubrication. If you have to insert the wrong size cup then also irritation happens. And I am sure no one will love irritation so make sure to choose the right size. Also, use water-based lube or warm water for inserting the cup into the vagina.

Infection – Menstrual cup dangers:

Maintaining proper hygiene is really important to prevent infection. The vaginal area is really sensitive to proper hygiene is necessary. Infection can be due to bacteria present on hands. As you have not to wash hands properly before inserting.

It is necessary to wash hands properly with warm water and mild soap. This will make sure that your hands are hygiene and safe while inserting the cup. You also have to wash the cup properly. Otherwise, it can also lead to infection. Wash the cup with warm water and fragrance-free mild soap. Clean hands and cups will make sure to prevent infection. Always keep your cleaned menstrual cup in a cloth bag.

 So, these were some points regarding menstrual cup dangers. You really need to check out the above points. And your issues are solved so that you can use it safely. In my opinion, a menstrual cup is the best option to use during periods. It is really comfortable if you use it correctly.

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