Menstrual hygiene: Few tips to follow during periods

Today, we will be discussing a really important topic that is “MENSTRUAL HYGIENE”. We take care of specific things like bathing, brush your teeth, and more. But, we forgot the main thing – Menstrual hygiene during periods. Cleanliness is a must during periods to maintain hygiene.

Menstrual hygiene

If you will not take proper care during periods then it can lead to infection and more. So, it is far better to look after yourself. There are many menstrual hygiene products available. You have to carefully choose as it is directly connected with your periods.

Every girl has it’s own opinion on using pads or tampons or menstrual cup. It is totally your choice but must select the product carefully which suits you. Vaginal washes, wipes, and lots more products but it’s your choice of what to buy and whatnot.

Menstrual cup - menstrual hygiene

Selecting proper menstrual products is important but it’s not yet complete. You have to follow few tips to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. So, let’s have a quick look at a few tips and you must follow it.


Change your sanitary pad after every few hours:

Keeping a sanitary pad for the whole day is not a good idea. As it can lead to various infections. So, it is better to change your sanitary pad every four or six hours. This will keep you clean and maintain menstrual hygiene.

Some girls think that they are not getting heavy flow. So, no need to change the sanitary pad. But, whether you are having heavy or normal flow. You need to change your pad every few hours. It is advisable to use a cotton pad as it is more comfortable. Also, you will not suffer from irritated skin.

If you are using tampon then also change it after a few hours. Before using a menstrual cup, you need to sterilize it to prevent bacterial infection. After a few hours of using a menstrual cup. Simply remove, clean with water, and use it again.

Dispose of sanitary pads properly – Menstrual hygiene:

Dispose of sanitary pads - menstrual hygiene

To maintain proper menstrual hygiene, disposal of pads in a precise manner is required. Whether you are at home or traveling outside, it is important to dispose of the sanitary pad correctly. Most of the companies are providing wraps with a single pad. So, while taking the pad from the wrap, you can use it for disposal purposes. Else you can use a newspaper or any paper.

The used pad must be wrapped properly in the wrapper or newspaper. Fold it properly and then dispose of the pad in the dustbin. And make sure after throwing you have washed your hands. If you are outside and water is not available. Then, use a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands. Not only sanitary pads but tampons also should be disposed of in the same manner.

Some people are having habits of throwing them in the toilet. Don’t do it as it can block the sewage pipes. At your home, the dustbin will be surely available. And if you are using public toilets then at most of the places dustbin facility is available. So, use it and throw it in the dustbin not here and there.

Wear cotton undergarments:

wear cotton undergarments - menstrual hygiene

It is really necessary to wear clean undergarments. Also, it is should be made up of cotton. This will help your skin to breathe. And try to avoid wearing tight clothes during periods. Use light color undergarments so if there is any stain of blood. So, you will recognize it easily. And you can change it and wear a new one.

During periods, wash your undergarments separately. And you can also add some Dettol in water. So to make your undergarment wash more hygienic. Let it dry in the direct sunlight so your panty will be completely clean and bacteria-free.

Wash your vaginal area properly – Menstrual hygiene:

vaginal wash - menstrual hygiene

You must wash your vaginal area properly to remove all bacteria and germs. It is essential to maintain your genital area clean. There are many vaginal washes available. So, you can try them to clean and maintain your vaginal pH balance.

It is not compulsory to use vaginal washes. You can also use soap and water to clean the area. During periods, it is necessary to maintain menstrual hygiene and cleanliness. But, regularly also you must keep your vaginal area clean and dry to avoid bacterial infection.

Take a bath every day:

There is a myth and many of them follow not to take bath during periods. It is everyone’s personal choice. But, in my opinion, one should take a bath every day. Because during periods many of you suffer from period cramps. And taking bath in a hot shower will provide relief and also soothe cramps.

Cleanliness is necessary so during periods you must take bath. During periods, many girls feel irritated and sad. So, with a hot bath, their mind will get relaxed and you will feel good. And it will also give you a nice sleep. You can also take a cold shower as it is your choice. But taking bath is necessary to maintain menstrual hygiene.

Do not hold urine for too long:

It is absolutely fine to hold urine for a few minutes until you reach the bathroom. But, do not hold urine for long hours. As it can cause urinary tract infection because of bacterial growth. It can also lead to kidney-related disease and more.

So, it is far better to relax instead of holding urine. If you are outside and the toilet is really in bad condition. Still, you do not need to hold urine. As you can use disposable toilet seat cover, toilet seat sanitizer spray, or stand and pee portable urination funnel. By using any of these you can relax without holding urine.

Consume a balanced diet and hydrate yourself:

Eating a healthy diet is necessary during periods. And the most important to drink enough water to hydrate yourself. You can eat food according to your cravings. But, try to add green veggies and fruits in your diet. This will provide you energy and you will feel fresh.

Drinking an adequate amount of water will solve your bloating problem. If you are a chocolate lover. Then you can also eat a dark chocolate piece to boost your mood.

So, these were some great tips that you must follow to main menstrual hygiene. Hope you have got all the points. And try to follow each and every step for perfect menstrual hygiene.

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