Natural Beauty Tips Using Kitchen Ingredients

Today we will talk about natural beauty tips using kitchen ingredients and it sounds amazing and cool. Especially girls are more caring about their skin than boys. So for such cool girls, we will tell you some of the common kitchen ingredients that will solve most of your beauty problems.

Even boys can also try out these natural beauty tips using kitchen ingredients if they wish as it will also cure various skin problems that they usually face. You can try any of the below listed natural beauty tips which are available in your kitchen and watch the difference. As you will use common kitchen ingredients so it will not harm your skin and you will find texture improvement in your skin.

So let’s have a look at some of the natural beauty tips using kitchen ingredients and you will love to use it and they are as follows:


  • Lemon:

Natural beauty tips - lemon

As you all know that lemon is a common ingredient which you will find in most of the kitchen and is very beneficial for your skin. There are many benefits to use lemon juice and cures various skin problems.

  1. Lemon is rich in citric acid so it helps in removing dead skin cells and encourage new cells to emerge.
  2. It helps in removing darkness from your underarms and also cures bad smell coming from underarms during summer due to excess sweat.
  3. It even works great for curing dark elbows, dark knees and even in solving skin pigmentation problem.
  4. Lemon juice along with curd works well for curing dandruff problem that especially occurs during winters.
  5. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to various face packs for suntan, acne, pimple, whiteheads, and blackheads while too many hair packs for dandruff and more.
  6. Even you can drink chilled lemonade during hot summers for hydrating your body or add it to lukewarm water and have it in the early morning for gaining a fit and healthy body.
  • Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder is a natural and magical ingredient for curing various skin problems and even for healing purpose. You can apply turmeric powder on wounds and cuts to stop the flow of blood and helps in healing out quickly. It is the first aid for curing injuries and for solving various skin problems and is one of the best ingredient used in natural beauty tips.

  1. It can be used for fairness purpose and can be added to any fruit packs or face packs such as with honey, lemon juice, gram flour, papaya, tomato, and more.
  2. This powder even helps in curing darkness under eyes, dark underarms, and pigmentation area of your skin.
  3. It even cures various skin problems such as acne, pimple and even works amazing for a cough or cold problem.
  • Milk:


Milk is usually used for drinking purpose such as plain milk, tea, coffee or in any way but it contains various benefits for solving skin issues. Drinking milk regularly is a good thing as it provides calcium and other nutrients to your body.

  1. It is used with various face packs such as with honey and sugar (scrub), turmeric powder (fairness), saffron (fair look), papaya (smoothness), gram flour and Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) (cleansing) and more.
  2. During summers, due to the hot wind, your eyes start burning and for that milk is a solution.
  3. You need to take cold milk, dip cotton pad and keep it on your eyes and feel relax.
  4. Even you can use almond milk or coconut milk instead of normal milk if you wish.
  • Tomato – Natural beauty tips:

Natural beauty tips - tomato 

Most of the people including children love to eat tomatoes (kind of fruit) and they are even good for your skin and health. Many tasty dishes can be prepared out of juicy tomatoes such as hot soup, various salad, in pasta or pizza, and more.

  1. During summers, you suffer from oily skin problems and tomato is a perfect ingredient for curing it.
  2. It helps in cleaning excess oil from skin pores and even cures large pores problem by rubbing tomato slice every day.
  3. It even helps in cleansing your skin by removing dead skin cells and improves skin tone.
  • Cloves:

Have you heard the name “Cloves” which is a popular Indian spice and can be found in many kitchens? This Indian spice is used in many delicious dishes to add more flavor to it.

  1. It is used in various face packs and one of the major benefits of using cloves is that it cures a “severe acne problem” from your skin.
  2. You need to take some cloves powder, some neem paste or powder and few drops of fresh rose water (optional).
  3. Cloves help in curing acne problems while neem paste helps in removing bacteria so that acne can be cured easily.
  • Cucumber:

Cucumber is a refreshing and cool vegetable that is widely used in most of the spa for getting tired eyes to relax. It is used in various salads and in other dishes but contains various benefits for your tired skin.

  1. Firstly cucumber is known for “relaxing eyes” so you need to relax your eyes using cucumber slices during hot summers.
  2. It can be added to various packs so that your skin gets refresh, soothes, and even hydrates.
  3. You should eat fresh cucumber during summers for cooling your body and for the hydrating purpose.
  • Honey – Natural beauty tips:

Natural beauty tips - honey

Honey is so delicious in taste and can be used in various lovely dishes for decoration purposes. It also contains various health and skin benefits. It possesses various skin and hair benefits and they are as described below.

  1. First of all, honey can be added to lukewarm water along with some fresh lemon juice. You need to take it in the early morning for a healthy and fit body structure.
  2. It can be even added to green tea and have it at any time during the whole day as green tea contains antioxidants and is great for your body. (NOTE:- You can use chilled green tea bags for reducing dark circles and also for relaxing eyes. Simply put the chilled green tea bags on your both eyes for some time.)
  3. Honey is used as a natural conditioner for proving shine and silkiness in your dull hairs.
  4. It is used in various face packs for providing nourishment to your dry and dull skin.
  5. It even improves skin texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles and provides a natural glow.
  6. You can even add organic honey to various hair packs for silky and smooth hair texture.
  7. Honey is also known as a natural conditioner and can be used during a bath after hair wash.
  • Potato:

Potato is loved by most of the children as many tasty dishes can be prepared like French fries and more. You can get many benefits from raw potato and it works great for your skin.

  1. It contains a high amount of starch so it is used for removing blemishes from your skin.
  2. It even helps in removing dead skin cells and improves the texture of your skin.
  3. Potato or potato juice is highly used for removing darkness from eyes, underarms, knees, elbows, or any body parts.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – Natural beauty tips:

Aloe Vera is an amazing plant and is one of the best natural beauty tips as it solves most of the skin and hair problems. You can grow Aloe Vera plant at your home and easy to grow. So it will be easy and simple for you to use it for many skin and hair purposes.

  1. You can even drink Aloe Vera juice along with some basil leaves as it is good for your body.
  2. It is used in many face packs as it maintains and moisturizes your rough skin during cold weather.
  3. This gel is also used in various hair packs as it helps in certain hair growth by reducing hair fall.
  4. It even provides natural shine to your dull hair and gives shiny texture to your hairs.
  5. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and tightens your skin pores and provides fair complexion.
  • Fenugreek seeds:

Natural beauty tips

Fenugreek is a common spice found in many Indian kitchens and used in various dishes to add more flavor to it. There are various hair and skin benefits of fenugreek and it is commonly known as “Methi”.

  1. It is used as a face pack for cleansing dirt, as a toner and even lightens your skin complexion.
  2. It is even used as a scrubber for exfoliating dead skin cells and provides a natural glow.
  3. This seeds also help in reducing dark circles and even cures wrinkle problem as it contains anti-aging property.
  4. There are various hair benefits with fenugreek seeds or leaves as it helps in curing dandruff and hair loss problem.
  5. It works as a natural conditioner for your hair and also helps to give thicker hair growth.
  6. There are various other health benefits also such as diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, and more.

Hence, these are various natural beauty tips using kitchen ingredients and all of these are very beneficial. You must try any of the above natural beauty tips (ingredient) for solving skin problems. Hope that these ingredients will help you in solving your problems easily at home.

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