Natural face mists for refreshing skin

Want to make natural face mists? It is very simple to make and use on your skin. You can make different natural face mists with easy ingredients. Most of these ingredients will be easily available at your home. You can make this face mist by yourself. This face mist helps in refreshing your tired skin.

Face mist is not just simple water. But it is the combination of natural herbs and other stuff. It is very useful for your skin and hair too. It helps to hydrate your dry skin. Also great for people with oily skin. You can also set your hair with a face mist. After doing makeup, use face mist to set your makeup well.

Your tired face will get relaxed after using this. It adds natural beauty in your skin. These facial or face mists are perfect during hot climate. In summers, due to the heat of the sun, your face gets oily and dull. So this face mist will help to refresh it. So here are some of the natural face mists that you can make yourself. Prepare this with few ingredients and be happy.


  • Coconut water and Aloe Vera juice:-

natural face mists - Coconut water and Aloe Vera juice

Coconut water is great for your healthy skin. You need to drink coconut water once a week. It also helps to moisturize your dry skin. It helps to refresh your tired skin. Also, provide relief from sunburn skin. Your skin will glow and looks flawless.

Aloe Vera contains lots of benefits including hair problems and skin too. It helps to lighten your skin tone. Along with that, also nourish your dry skin. It also protects your skin from harsh sun rays. And Aloe Vera gel also provides relief to burned eyes. This combination is great and is best for all skin types.

–> Direction to prepare:

Take one empty and a clean spray bottle. Some fresh coconut water and three or four tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice. You can also take it in equal quantity if you wish. Mix it well and pour it in a spray bottle. Shake it well before use.

  • Rose water and Jojoba oil:-

natural face mists - Rose water and Jojoba oil

Rose water is great for your dull skin. You can get an instant refresh to feel with this water. It also helps to soothe your irritated skin. Rose water helps to gently moisturize your skin. It also helps to soothe and calm your skin. You can use this on your hairs to give a nice setup. Also, it is perfect to use it in your hands.

Jojoba oil is used for hair growth and for many hair problems. But it is also great for your skin. It helps to nourish your dry and dull skin. This oil will give a polish look. Your skin will look bright and glowing.

–> Direction to prepare:

Take 1/2 cup of fresh rose water and two or three tablespoons of jojoba oil. Mix both the ingredients well in a bowl. After that, pour this mixture in any spray bottle. Now, your natural face mist is ready to use.

(NOTE:- You can also add a tablespoon of glycerin in this mixture. )

  • Cucumber juice and Witch hazel:-

Cucumber is great for relaxing tired skin. Usually, we see the use of cucumber slices in the spa. You can also treat dark circle and burned eyes with cucumber. It soothes your skin and also reduce inflammation. It also gives a cooling effect to burned skin.

Witch hazel is used for hair issues and also skin. It helps in reducing skin irritation. Also, reduce redness and provide great relief to sensitive skin. Witch hazel contains anti-inflammatory property and also treat acne. It also prevents skin damage.

–> Direction to prepare:

You need to grate one cucumber and extract the juice from it. Also, you can use cheesecloth to get pure cucumber juice. Add a tablespoon of witch hazel in it. Stir it well and add to your empty spray bottle. You can also add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice if you wish.

  • Green tea and Tea tree essential oil:-

natural face mists - green tea and tea tree oil

Green tea is very healthy for your body. Also works best for your skin and hair. It cleanses the excess oil from your skin. Oily skin people can surely use this mist. It also helps in reducing acne and pimple. Also helps in curing burned eyes.

Tea tree essential oil is best for hair growth and reduces hair loss. It helps in improving the texture of your hair. But along with that, it also works best for the skin. Pimple or acne will be reduced. Also helps to soothe the tired skin. And it even helps in nourishing dry skin.

–> Direction to prepare:

Take 1/2 cup of hot water, one green tea bag and a few drops of tea tree oil. Dip the green tea bag in hot water for half an hour. After that, remove it and let the water cool down completely. Now, add drops of tea tree essential oil and stir it well. Pour the water in the spray bottle.

(NOTE:- You can also add some drops of lavender essential oil if you wish.)

Hence, these were some of the natural face mists that you can try. You can easily prepare this at your home. Now, have a look at some of the talk about the usage of these natural face mists.


natural face mists

  1. Make any mist from the above list of natural face mists of your choice.
  2. Keep it in the refrigerator so that it becomes cool.
  3. Always carry this face mist in your purse whenever you go outside.
  4. You can use it anytime on your skin whenever you want.
  5. Close the eyes and spray it on your face.
  6. After a few seconds, gently dab it with tissue paper.
  7. This helps in keeping your skin moist for a longer time.
  8. You can use this mist within a week.
  9. And after that, make a fresh face mist again.

So, the talk on natural face mists is over. Make this easy face mist at your home. And always keep it with you while you are outside. It will help you a lot in keeping your skin hydrated.

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