O.P.I Nail Enamel Shades for Valentine’s Day

Hello girls, are you excited about the coming Valentine’s day or propose day? If so then you have to start shopping from today only to look perfect on that special day. Here, we are looking forward to seeing some amazing nail enamels of O.P.I Nail Enamel for Valentine’s or propose day. Infinite Shine is made in the USA by O.P.I Nail Enamel Shades.

As a girl or a woman, choosing a perfect shade from thousands of collections is very hard. O.P.I is one of the Nail Enamel Shades best brands and offers a variety of shades such as red, pink, nude and more than suits that day perfectly. Beautiful and perfect nails make your shade of nail enamel more attractive. Boys, on this special “Valentine’s Day,” you can also give this beautiful and attractive O.P.I Nail Enamel Shades to your loved ones or friend or a “wife”.

Let’s have a look on Perfect O.P.I Nail Enamel Shades. These wonderful and attractive shades of nail enamel make your day even more special than you are having. The list of O.P.I nail enamel shades are given below:-


* Perfect Red Shades:-

  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Madam President:

O.P.I madam president suits perfectly on fair complexion

Yeah.. this amazing and pretty shade is just a perfect choice for the valentine’s day. O.P.I Infinite Shine – Madam President is a perfect red shade that looks lovely on your beautiful fingers and is amazing among O.P.I nail enamel shades in red (One of the best shade). For this special day, it just goes well with any of the red outfits you wear. It stays up to 11 days longer and contains gel-like wear and gives your nails a huge shine. For perfect wear on your fingers, this perfect red shade needs 2 coats (depending upon your choice). It is perfect for girls who have a fair skin tone.

Suitable for which skin type:- Fair skin tone / White skin tone.


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Big Apple Red:

O.P.I big apple red is fabulous among all reds

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – (model) Big Apple Red is the gorgeous red shade that wins the heart of almost all women and is one of the best shade among all the O.P.I nail enamel shades of red. It’s a big red shade between all the reds {slightly dark red shade}. This shade of Big Apple Red is suitable for fair tone and medium tone. Even at night, it works wonder and fits suitable with a red dress. It lasts up to 9 days and looks perfect for the day of Valentine week. One coat is enough because it is already dark shade.

Suitable for which skin type:- Fair skin and Medium skin complexion.


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – I’m Not Really a Waitress:

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – {model} I’m Not Really a Waitress is a LOVELY shade like ruby red with little shimmer. It goes well on girls with medium and dark skin complexion. It contains little shimmer in it and not a glitter (It might be a good choice). This ruby red shade makes this Valentine’s day a perfect match for medium skin tone girls. It lasts for up to 10-12 days and is applied smoothly, looks shiny. For the perfect look on your nails, it needs 1 or 2 coats of this nail enamel. Go on any of your favorite red outfit you have with you.

Suitable for which skin type:- I think it’s suitable for every skin tone.


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Como Se Llama?

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – [Model name] Como Se Llama is one of the pretty red shades like burgundy or maroon or dark red type. It suits great on women with any of the skin tone. Any red-colored outfit is one of the best choices on this Valentine’s day goes crazy. This shade gives your charming fingers a nice finishing. It is a long-wearing nail enamel and lasts up to two weeks. It is easy to use and can be removed easily if necessary by nail remover.

Suitable for which skin type:- Not a specific skin tone we suggest but if you like this shade you can go through it.


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* Pretty Pink Shades:-

  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – It’s a girl:

O.P.I baby pink shade

This O.P.I Infinite Shine “It’s a girl” is an amazing pretty pink shade color which looks great on medium skin tone girl and even on fair skin tone. It’s light pink shade or a shade of baby pink. It stays up to a longer period of time approx. 11 days. This baby pink shade gives you gel-like shine. Applying to your fingers is very easy and can be removed easily. For the perfect look on your fingers and toes, this shade takes 2-3 coats.

Suitable for which skin type:- Medium-Dark skin tone.


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Strawberry Margarita:

opi strawberry margarita shade

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – (Name of enamel) Strawberry Margarita {Not a pizza} is fabulous candy pink or bright pink in shade. It looks fabulous for this special valentine day on your perfect long and pretty nails. For a longer period of time, it remains on your nails. It is perfect for a girl who has a naturally fair and blonde skin tone. Since it is bright pink, it is more suitable for blonde skin than any other skin tone (Others your choice). For perfect application on your charming nails, you’ll need 2 coats of this shade which looks so cute.

Suitable for which skin type:- Blonde skin tone.


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Aurora Berry-alis:

O.P.I Infinite Shine – [Name] Aurora Berry-alis is a glowing pink in shade and looks attractive when you have at night time. It is long lasting and is a great shade of pink O.P.I nail enamel. It also gives gel brightness without such a great glow at night. This shade of O.P.I also protects your nail against U.V. damage radiation which is one of the best use of this enamel. You have to apply two coats to your Nails for having an attractive look. It doesn’t stick and gives a glowing natural touch on your nails. Therefore, a perfect shade for any occasion suitable for fair and medium skin.

Suitable for which skin type:- Olive, blonde, Dark brown skin tone.


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Mod About You:

O.P.I nail enamel shade for all skin types

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – {Model name} Mod About You is light cute pink in shade and looks just amazing on your good-looking hands. It stays on your beautiful fingers for about one week. This shade is suitable for almost every type of skin, from fair to dark. For the perfect look on your beautiful nails, two or three coats are needed because it is a light color. This shade is perfect for a woman who often prefers shades of light tone, so here it is light pink.

Suitable for which skin type:- Every skin complexion (Any skin complexion).

Swatch:- For Fair

* Beautiful Nude Shades:

  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Tiramisu For Two:

O.P.I Infinite Shine – (Model type) Tiramisu for Two is a great nude shade and goes crazy for girls who like light tone shades. It’s a light creamy nude shade and suits on girls with dark skin tone perfectly and looks stunning. It also works well for other skin tones such as fair or medium skin tone or olive. For a perfect finish, this shade needs more than one coats depending on you. It’s gel-like to wear and lasts up to a longer period. It gives your beautiful nails a charming shine.

Suitable for which skin type:- 







Dark Brown


 Swatch:- Dark

  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Tickle my France-y:

O.P.I Infinite Shine – {Name of enamel} Tickle my France-y is a pinkish-nude type shade which blends perfectly on this Valentine week. It goes too freaky with girls who have fair skin tone and is great in different nude shades of (Here is one of the best shade) O.P.I nail enamel. It suits your favorite pink or nude color outfit which you have with you perfectly. This shade is perfect for women who don’t like too dark or too light-medium shades. It is just light shade so better if you coat more on your nails which will look sexier.

Suitable for which skin type:- Fair skin, Olive skin, Tan skin tone


  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Samoan Sand:

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – (Enamel Shade name) Samoan Sand is a neutral nude (beige-pink) shade. It looks like the color of the sand (calm shade). It is suitable for all types of skin, from fair to dark or tan. This shade gives gel-like wear and lasts about three weeks period of time. It gives your beautiful nails a lovely and attractive shine. It also gives your beautiful fingers a sand-like nude texture. No more coats are needed for this nail enamel shade.

Suitable for which skin type:- Suits all skin tones included olive and tan (fair to dark).

Swatch:- Dark skin complexion

  • O.P.I Infinite Shine – Barefoot In Barcelona:

This O.P.I Infinite Shine – Barefoot In Barcelona is a pinkish-brown type nude shade. It gives your beautiful nails a creamy texture. It is suitable for girls with fair skin complexion and can wear it on this special day with any suitable outfit. This shade requires 2-3 application coats on your fingers and can be easily removed. It gives your fingers a nice creamy shine for a perfect look.

Suitable for which skin type:- Fair skin complexion.


Above are some of the best red, pink and nude O.P.I Nail Enamel Shades that go really cute on this 2K19 valentine week. On this Valentine’s day, try out any of the above lists O.P.I Nail Enamel Shades to make that day special and pretty. You have to try these amazing shades of O.P.I Nail Enamel because they are perfect for your Nice-looking and beautiful nails. We personally suggest you all use one of the above nail paint because the above collection is too new and nice looking. So hope you will pick ONE.

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