Personal Hygiene Habits to follow in Daily Life

Maintaining personal hygiene is crucial for good health. Personal hygiene means to take care of every external part of your body. Cleanliness will keep you away from germs, viruses, and bacteria. Everyone should know the importance of personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene

Good habits will ensure a clean and healthy body. If you have poor personal hygiene then it can lead to diseases and illness. And your surrounding people will stay away from you. You will be alone so to avoid such a situation. Maintaining a good hygiene habit is really necessary.

Personal hygiene

There are various types of personal hygiene habits that you must follow in your daily life. Good health and a clean body will increase your confidence. Also, you will surely feel good. So, let’s discuss some of the personal hygiene habits. And you must follow it in your daily life.


Oral hygiene:

A complete smile is really important on your face. And for that taking care of your teeth is necessary. Brush your teeth twice every day. And do not forget to clean your tongue. Because along with your teeth, tongue cleaning is also important. You can also use mouth wash to freshening up your mouth.

If you will not brush properly then it can surely give you dental problems. Maintain good oral health to prevent gum diseases, bad breath, cavities, and lots more problems.

Bathing habit – Personal hygiene:

Bathing habit - Personal hygiene

Taking shower regularly is vital to remove all the dirt, oil, bacteria from your body. You can either bath with shower gel or anti-bacterial soap. Once or twice a week use a body scrub to remove the dead skin layer. After bathing, you will feel fresh and clean. Also, make sure that you change your towel every two days.

If you are having any skin problems. Then, wash your towel every day and then use it. Exercise is really important to maintain good health. But, some become lazy and do not take shower. Their body is full of sweat which can built-up germs and bacteria. Thus, it can lead to infection and more. So, after post-workout quickly take a shower.

Washing your hands – Personal hygiene:

Do not keep your hands on your face area. Because it can lead to pimples and other skin problems. Try to wash your hands after doing any activity. Always wash your hands before and after eating anything. Regular hand wash is the smart and best way to avoid diseases.

You can use mild soap and water to clean your hands. Else, you can use hand wash to maintain hand hygiene. If you are traveling outside then always keep hand sanitizer with you. It is a quick way to clean your hands after touching any surface.

Toilet hygiene:

Keeping your toilet clean is one of the important habits of personal hygiene. If you will use an unhygienic toilet then it can spread germs and bacteria. And thus lead to infection and diseases. If you are staying in a huge family then always sanitize your toilet before using it. You can use toilet seat sanitizer spray to clean the toilet surface.

Maintain toilet hygiene - Personal hygiene

If you are outside and want to use a public toilet. Then, there is a high risk of infection. But, it is harmful to control for too long. So, to avoid such a situation you can use a toilet seat cover, disposable pee funnel, and sanitizer spray. This will maintain toilet hygiene and you can safely use it. After relaxing yourself, always wash your hands.

Taking care of your nails – Personal hygiene:

Some people are fond of keeping really long nails. And it is easier for germs and bacteria to collect under long nails. So, it is necessary to clean your nails. Keeping short nails reduces the chances of spreading infection. While with long nails there is a high chance of infection.

Cut your nails properly after every few days. During hand wash, make sure you also clean your nails. Use warm water and mild soap to remove dirt and germs from your nails. You can also use a nail brush for more cleanliness. Use moisturizer after your nails are completely clean.

Foot care:

Foot care - Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene does not mean that you have to take care only of your body. Do not forget your foot as it is also important to take care of them as well. Sweaty feet can lead to germ and bacteria build-up. And it can lead to various infections. So, clean your feet is important.

Take some warm water, sea salt, rose petals, and a few drops of any essential oil. Give it a good mix and soak your feet in this water mixture. It will relax your feet and also remove bad smell due to sweat. You can scrub your foot with a foot scrubber. This will make your feet clean and hygienic.

Grooming unwanted hairs:

If you want to maintain personal hygiene then it is vital to remove unwanted hairs. Because due to sweat it can lead to germ built up. And for maintaining cleanliness you must remove your unwanted hairs from your body. You can go for any method like waxing, trimming, epilators, and more. After grooming, your skin will become soft and smooth. You can apply deodorant to prevent bad odor.

Genital and Menstrual hygiene:

This is the most important habit in personal hygiene. And both men and women should follow it in their daily life. It is more important for women to maintain cleanliness during periods. Change sanitary pads or tampons every 5-6 hours. And empty the menstrual cup after 10-12 hours. Remember to wash your hands after doing this activity.

Clean your private area with intimate wash. It is not compulsory you can also use mild soap and water. Men should also clean their private areas with warm water and mild soap. This will ensure cleanliness and maintain good hygiene. Also, change your undergarments every day and wash it properly.

Makeup hygiene:

Clean your makeup brush - Personal hygiene

Do not get by hearing makeup hygiene. Yes, it is also necessary because you are using it on your face. And if you will use dirty makeup brushes. Then, it can lead to various skin problems. So, always clean your eye and makeup brushes, makeup sponge, and more.

If you are a makeup person then cleanliness of brushes and other things is important. Do not keep brushes outside as dirt can sit on it. And make it unhygienic to use. Always keep the makeup products and brushes in a particular box. After using them on your face, make sure you clean and dry it properly.

Take care of hair – Personal hygiene:

Take care of your hairs - Personal hygiene

Taking proper care of your hair is equally important as of your body. Dirty scalp and hair can lead to hair damage. So, to avoid always wash your hair. Do not wash it regularly as it is not good. But, if you are a sweaty person and your scalp gets oily and sweaty very often. Then, you can wash your hair every alternate day. And others can wash their hair every 2-3 days.

You can use a hair mask to maintain proper hair texture. If you are suffering from dandruff. Then, treating them is important otherwise it can also lead to pimples on your face. For that, you can use camphor along with some coconut oil. Also, you can use anti-dandruff shampoos and hair masks. Try to avoid the use of a hairdryer. Let your wet and washed hair dry naturally. Also, trim your hair whenever it is necessary.

So, these were a few of the personal hygiene habits. And you must follow it in your daily life. You can also share your experience in the comment section below.

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