Protect your natural hair while swimming

I know that many people want to jump into the swimming pool during such hot summer days. This article is especially for those people who love to have swimming. Even I also love to have swimming a lot. But the problem is to protect your natural hair while swimming. So with some tips, you can easily solve this problem.

When summer arrives, most of people love swimming for getting relief from extreme heat. It is also good for having swimming on a daily basis. This helps you to keep your body fit and healthy. Also, it is a type of exercise which is good for your body. Those who love to do swimming must have on a daily basis if possible.

Protect your natural hair

As you know that almost in every swimming pool, chlorine is added. It kills harmful bacteria and maintains your hygiene. But chlorine is a harsh chemical which can damage your natural hair. So you need to protect your natural hair from chlorine.

Like your hairs, also your skin needs protection while swimming. Due to a hot climate, your skin can be a part of suntan. So you must apply sunscreen to protect your skin. If you are already suffering from suntan, you must use various home remedies to cure it.

There are some tips which you need to follow before going swimming. This will help you to protect your natural hair while swimming. Also, you need to follow few tips after having swimming. Both these things are important to protect your natural hair. These tips are very simple and basic so everyone should follow it.


  • Apply hair oil:-

Protect your natural hair with hair oil

Hair oil is very important before going for a swim in a pool. This helps to protect your natural hair. It forms a layer so that chlorine water does not harm your hair. Also if you have colored hair this works best for protecting your hair. You can take almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil or any other. This oils will protect your soft hair from being damaged. Massage any of this oil on your scalp and also on your dry hairs. Cover this oil from root to tip of your hairs.

  • Conditioner is a must:-

conditioner to protect your natural hair

As you know that conditioner works great for dry and dull hairs. Like that, if you apply any of the mild conditioners on your hairs. This will give a protective layer to your hair. So that chlorine will not provide harm to your hairs. Take any mild conditioner and apply it on your entire hairs. This helps to prevent dry hair damage. Also, you can use hair spray containing sun protection. This helps to protect from high sun heat and also chlorine.

  • Taking a shower is important:-

You must take a shower or bath before going swimming. This helps to protect your natural hairs. When your hairs are wet, less chlorine will be absorbed by your hairs. So there will be less damage to your hairs. If you jump into a swimming pool with dry hairs. Lots of chlorine will be absorbed by your hairs and more damage will be done. It will give a weird look to your hairs. Take a cold shower before going to swimming for protection.

  • Wear a swimming cap:-

Wear swimming cap to protect your natural hair

Do not keep your hairs open while swimming. You must tie your hairs and wear a swimming cap. This will protect your hairs from being wet with chlorine water. First, tie your hairs with a rubber band and then take a swimming cap. Simply wear it and make sure all your hairs are covered. Now you are ready to get the jump in the pool. Also, wear swimming glasses for protecting your eyes. Due to high heat, your eyes can get burned. So always wear glasses while swimming. Also, it protects your eyes from chlorine water.

So these were some of the tips that you must keep in mind before swimming. Now let’s have a look at a few of the tips after coming from swimming.


  • Wash your hairs immediately:-

Wash your hair to protect your natural hair

After coming from the swimming pool, take a quick bath. This will remove all the chlorine from your body. Also, you need to wash your hairs immediately. It will cleanse your hair completely. Take a mild shampoo and wash your hairs gently. It is advisable to use natural and organic based products. So that your hairs will not get damaged due to harmful chemicals. Along with this, take a cold shower for relaxing your body.

  • Use mild conditioner to protect your natural hair:-

You must apply conditioner after having shampoo on your hairs. This helps to nourish your dry hairs. Also treats damage and dull hairs. It will give you a silky and smooth texture. You should use a conditioner on a regular basis whenever you wash your hairs. This will add volume and also improves texture.

  • Let your hairs dry naturally:-

After washing and apply conditioner, simply dab the excess water from your hairs through a clean towel. Keep your hairs to dry out naturally. Do not use any hair dryer as it will dry and damage your hairs. Comb your hairs nicely with a clean brush. Remove the tangles from your hairs gently with the help of brush or comb.

Hence, a few tips after coming from swimming are described. You must follow it after your swimming is done. Now have a look at natural hair pack for removing chlorine from your hairs.


  • Tomato and baking soda:-

Hair pack to protect your natural hair

This a great combination for removing chlorine from your hairs. Tomato is a natural ingredient which conditions your hair. It also provides nourishment and treats dry hair issue. Tomato is used in many face packs and fruits packs. It is great for dry skin problem. Baking soda along with tomato also helps to remove chlorine.

–> How to prepare it:

Take one or two organic tomatoes and half tablespoon of baking soda. Cut the washed tomatoes into cubes and grind it well. Grind it until it forms a smooth paste. Mix baking soda and stir it well. With the help of a brush, apply this on your scalp and hairs. Leave it for 25 minutes and wash it with water. Now, use mild shampoo and conditioner.

–> Usage:

You can use this hair pack thrice in a week.

You can increase or decrease the tomato as per your hair length. Use this paste and you will get natural hairs back. Follow all the tips to protect your natural hair from being damaged. Have lots of fun while having swimming with your family and loved ones.

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