Smile Makeover – Is this really beneficial?

Is smile makeover really beneficial? Have a look at this article to know more regarding smile makeover. We all know that a person’s smile is the first thing anybody notices. A beamingly happy smile can either break or make your first impression towards other people. And we may not realise it, but people sense it when you aren’t your best self. I have heard personally so many stories from my friends regarding the internalised hate they project on themselves because they don’t love their smile. Some even go as far as not clicking any picture because they fear smiling will ruin the whole picture and make it their oath never to smile again! That’s one way to punish themselves, huh?

Smile Makeover

But, you should know that there’s nothing desirable than a confident smile, and your smile is as invaluable as any otherworldly asset. If you think your smile is hurdling you from showing your best self, well worry not!

With advanced technology in dentistry, it is easier than before to give and redesign a beautiful smile for yourself, further restoring your self-esteem up from plummeting.

We have talked to the experts practising at one of the best Cosmetic Dentists in San Antonio, TX, about the benefits of smile makeover treatment for people who might need it, having any seed of doubt about the same.


Smile Makeover

According to dentistry, a smile makeover is a cosmetic procedure involving steps of restoring and designing one’s smile after taking their overall facial aesthetic like face shape, skin tone, hair colour and teeth colour into consideration.


Just like one shoe size does not fit all, people need a smile makeover for different reasons. Some of which might be due to:

  • Missing Teeth: Not only do missing teeth plummet one’s confidence to zero, but it also reduces the oral health of a person. Including dental implants and bridges in the treatment plan for people having this condition can contribute to restoring a healthy mouth and having a beautiful smile.
Crooked teeth - smile makeover
  • Crooked Teeth: Crooked or crowded teeth make it harder to keep them clean despite maintaining proper dental hygiene. Treatments such as braces or invisalign can help one in restoring teeth into proper alignment. Further making it easy for patients to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful.
  • Malocclusion: An unbalanced bite compromises one’s oral health in more ways than we can imagine. It can lead to tooth decay if not taken care of in the long run.
  • Gap tooth: It is common for many people to have gaps and spaces between their teeth. Although this might not be as serious as other oral conditions. Yet it is one of the reasons for people having low confidence.
  • Discoloured Teeth: It’s a myth that discoloured or yellow teeth are not healthy. Many people who have a yellow tinge in their teeth, shy away from smiling because of this flawed belief. In such cases, if at all you think you’d love it more to get back your smile, going for veneers or even teeth whitening treatments seem a fantastic option to give you your desired result.


Smile Makeover

The need to get a smile makeover may differ. But its benefits always lean towards a common ground more often than not. Bringing awareness about these benefits are enough to convince people why they need it.

  • Optimum oral health: People are more likely to maintain diligent oral hygiene when they have a healthy mouth. A smile makeover can motivate people to take their oral health seriously.
  • Boosts Confidence: Gone are the days of you stopping yourself from smiling due to any inhibition and fear of judgement. A smile makeover is the best thing you can do for yourself. And if you think you’d love to smile a bit more. After all, too much smiling is never enough! Because to smile is to release all your stress, further promoting mental and physical health.
Smile Makeover
  • Creates a positive first impression: It’s not just gossip that a first impression matters. When you are meeting new people or even your friends, you’d want to put and exude your best self toward them. But would that happen if you don’t smile? A smile makeover can be your one way for you to achieve your goal of making a positive first impression.
  • Instill a sense of joy and happiness: People get smile makeover if and when they feel they aren’t happy about it already. So once they get their desired look, it becomes their driving force to show off their smile more, resulting in being content with oneself.

Smile makeover, when done from an expert specialising in Cosmetic Dentistry, can change your life for the better. It is always advised to get this treatment only by the hands of a cosmetic dentist.

The Stone Oak Aesthetics clinic, which is especially well known for giving a smile makeover in San Antonio, TX, to their patients. It has its door open for those who might feel the treatment would benefit them. In such cases, we are just a call away from booking an appointment.

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