Sunstroke cure at home during summer

Sunstroke…Heat stroke… During summer, due to high heat, many of you can suffer from heat stroke. Your body gets dehydrated and feels weakness in the body. This is a very serious problem which you should not ignore. Sunstroke is also known as heat stroke. And mostly known as “loo” and you can suffer such a problem during hot climate days.

People who suffer from sunstroke becomes weak and ill. And it may stay for a longer period of time. So, it is necessary to cure it immediately. And if possible try to avoid going outside for long hours. Because staying for a longer period outside under the sun can lead to sunstroke.

treat sunstroke at home

Sunstroke can be seen in any age people including old age, children and youngsters. There are various symptoms through which you can recognize if you are suffering from sunstroke or not. Such as vomiting, headache, high body temperature, faster breathing, and excess sweat.

If you find any symptoms then opt for natural home remedies. These simple natural remedies can be easily prepared at home. And you can get relief from sunstroke. So, let’s see some of the natural ways to cure sunstroke.


Tamarind juice to cure sunstroke:-

Tamarind juice to cure sunstroke

Tamarind is very tangy in taste and it is really delicious. It also contains cooling property. So it helps to provide relief from heat stroke. Your dehydrated body will be charged with this juice. You can easily get tamarind in the market. And it is very simple and easy to prepare.

–> How to prepare this juice:

You need to take some tamarind pieces, two glasses of water and jaggery. Now, boil the tamarind in water for a few minutes. Then, strain it to remove seeds and other stuff. Add jaggery as per your taste and mix it well. Let the juice cool down completely. After that, consume it to relief from heat stroke. You can also keep it in the refrigerator to make it cooler and then drink it.

(NOTE:- You can also use organic honey instead of jaggery if you wish.)

Take a cold shower:-

There are lots of benefits to taking a cold shower. As it helps to reduce stress or tension. It also refreshes your tired body. And during summer, it helps to reduce the high body temperature. It is a very simple and easy way to treat sunstroke. A cold shower also helps to remove bad sweat from your body. And gently cleanse your skin and removes dirt.

–> How to take cold shower:

There are two ways of using cold water. One simply takes a cold shower and reduce body temperature. And the other is to fill the bathtub with cold water. And then stay in the water for 20 minutes to relax your body.

Coriander juice:-

Coriander is normally used for decorating various healthy dishes. But drinking coriander water is also good for your body and skin. It helps to provide a cooling effect on your body. And also helps to treat heat stroke during summer.

–> How to prepare this juice:

Take a bunch of fresh coriander leaves and blend it well. Extract the juice and add a pinch of sugar to it. Now, mix it well until the sugar completely dissolves. Keep it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make it cool. And then drink this healthy juice. You can also skip the sugar if you wish.

Raw mango juice:-

aam panna to prevent sunstroke

Mango is the king of all fruits and it really tastes delicious. Most of us usually consume mango during the summer. But, raw mango is very beneficial to cure sunstroke. It is also known as “Aam Panna”. And it is a very refreshing drink which is best during hot summer days. It helps to protect your body from high sun heat.

–> How to prepare this juice:

Take some raw mangoes and boil it in water. You need to boil until the outer skin changes color and inside pulp becomes soft. Remove the mangoes and let it cool down. Peel the skin of the mangoes and remove the pulp from it. Put the pulp in the blending jar. And add some sugar, salt, black salt, and mint leaves. Now, add some water as required and blend it well. Put the raw mango juice in the refrigerator to make it cool and then drink it.

Buttermilk to treat sunstroke:-

Buttermilk to treat sunstroke

Buttermilk is normally consumed during lunch and dinner in most of the house in India. This delicious drink helps to hydrate your body. And also helps to cool down the body temperature. It is also a simple drink which you can consume to prevent sunstroke.

–> How to prepare butter milk:

Take two or three tablespoons of plain yogurt and some water. Blend both of them to make the buttermilk. Now, add a pinch of salt and cumin powder to it and mix it well. After that, consume the cool buttermilk every day during summer.

(NOTE:- You can also add dry mint leaves powder in the plain buttermilk. As it also provides cooling and refreshing effect on your body.)

Coconut water:-

Coconut water is a simple hydrating drink which many people loves to consume. It also helps to provide a glowing effect to your dull and dry skin. This water helps to hydrate your body. Your skin becomes flawless and gorgeous. It also helps to treat sunstroke very easily.

–> How to consume this water:

Take one fresh coconut and remove water from it. Now, keep it in the refrigerator to make it cool. After that, consume it every day for refreshing your body.

So, these were some of the natural home remedies to treat sunstroke. You can try any of the above natural ways. And consume it regularly during the summer season. So that you can get relief from sunstroke. And try to stay less outside to avoid such problem. You need to cover your entire skin and hair to protect from harmful sun rays. Else, carry a water bottle to hydrate your body outside.

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