Thicker eyelashes using natural hacks

You can get longer and thicker eyelashes from your kitchen itself. I know that thicker eyelashes give an attractive look to your face. You can even say that it provides extra charm to your face. Many girls are lucky as they have longer and thicker eyelashes naturally. But if you don’t take care then it can also lead to thinner eyelashes.

Some are having thinner eyelashes which are not lucky but still they have a chance to grow thicker eyelashes using natural hacks. You don’t have to fight much for it as you will get thicker eyelashes from kitchen stuff itself. It is very easy to get thicker and longer eyelashes back. Due to many reasons like age, hormonal changes and more you get thinner eyelashes but it’s absolutely fine. You can surely recover it very easily with natural ingredients.

If you gain such longer and thicker eyelashes then you don’t have to use such false eyelashes. Generally, most of the girls also use such false eyelashes during bridal makeup or general makeup for daily usage. If you have those thicker eyelashes then no need to use such artificial eyelashes. As one reason for getting thinner eyelashes can be that also.

Jump upon such natural hacks which are easily available in your kitchen. Simply use this natural stuff and get longer and thicker eyelashes. So such simple and easy hacks using kitchen ingredients are described below:


  • Castor oil:-

Thicker eyelashes through castor oil

This is the most common oil as used from many years for skin and hair problems. Usually, castor oil is also popular as a hair thickening oil. But even you can treat your thinner eyelashes with this amazing castor oil. It also kills bacteria that stops the growth of your eyelashes. This oil gently nourishes your eyelashes and help in re-growth. You can use this oil every day for a few weeks until you get the desired result.

–> How to use it?

You need to take some castor oil and one old mascara stick. Make sure that the mascara stick is completely clean. Dip the stick in the oil and gently apply it on your eyelashes. Leave it for some time or if possible leave it whole night. You can clean it with cool water the next morning during a shower or bath.

(NOTE:- You can also add some olive to it for darker and thicker eyelashes. You can also use earbuds instead of mascara stick if you wish.)

  • Aloe Vera Gel:-

Thicker eyelashes through Aloe Vera gel

There are lots of benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for solving most of the skin and hair problem (especially dandruff). It is a magical ingredient which cures most of your problem. It is also good as it provides various nutrients to your skin and hair. You can use this simple gel for getting dark, long and thicker eyelashes. If you have Aloe Vera plant then it is also good for use. The organic gel works best instead of that available in the market. You can also use this gel twice daily for getting an accurate result.

–> How to use it?

Simple take one Aloe Vera leaf and cut it into half. Grab the gel from it in any bowl. With the help of a cotton ball or simply with fingers apply it on your eyelashes. You can leave it for some time until you wish and then wash it.

  • Coconut milk:-

Drinking coconut water works excellent for your skin, hair, and body. In a similar manner, coconut milk also contains various benefits. It contains proteins and various nutrients which helps to cure your thinner eyelashes problem. It also moisturizes your lashes and gives a darker look. You can use this amazing coconut milk thrice in a week for the best result. Even coconut oil is very beneficial and you can use instead of coconut milk.

–> How to use it?

Take one or two tablespoons of fresh coconut milk and two cotton balls. Dip the cotton balls in the milk and put it on your eyelashes. Just close the eyes and keep it for a few minutes or more if you wish.

(NOTE:- You can also put coconut milk in the freezer for five minutes and then use this cool milk on your eyelashes.)

  • Green tea:-

As you know that green tea is good for having a fit and healthy body. It even makes your skin looks healthy and glowing. In the same manner, it also gives a great result for longer eyelashes. It is highly rich in various antioxidants which helps you to solve the thinner eyelashes issue. You can use it on a daily basis for getting perfect result.

–> How to use it?

Take one green tea bag and dip it in warm water. From that take one or two tablespoons of green tea in any vessel. Let it cool down completely and dip the cotton balls in it. Close your eyes and keep the cotton balls on your eyelashes for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you can remove it and wash your eyes.

(TIP:- Drink the remaining green tea as it is good for your body.)


Thicker eyelashes

  1. You can use eyelashes brush or comb to clean the excess dirt from it.
  2. Daily brush your eyelashes to get clean and it even works for its growth.
  3. You can even use vaseline on the eyelashes for its growth.
  4. Use all the natural stuff gently and make sure that it does not goes into eyes.
  5. Take a healthy diet rich in vitamins, proteins for more growth of eyelashes.
  6. Remove eyeliner or any makeup before having nice and gentle sleep at night.
  7. You can even use natural oils for makeup remover for getting no harm to your skin.
  8. Try to avoid using false eyelashes or eyelashes curler as it gives you thinner eyelashes.
  9. Always use branded makeup products for skin safety.

Hence, the natural hacks for getting longer and thicker eyelashes are described nicely. You need to use any of them for one or two months for getting such a darker and thicker look. It helps in giving you nice and beautiful eyes.

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