Treat burned eyes with natural ways

During summers there is severe heat along with warm air so due to that our eyes start burning and create a burning sensation. So it is necessary to treat burned eyes as soon as possible to provide relief to our eyes.

Generally, people who are outside for a long time under extreme sun heat will suffer from burned eyes and they need to treat burned eyes as quickly as possible. Your eyes will start burned and even eyes will turn red or itchiness will occur in some people not in all.

When you leave outside for several hours then due to excess U.V. rays and warm air will make your skin burn in any part of your body along with your eyes. So burned eyes are same as suntan in any part of your body due to high heat.

Here, I will tell you some natural ways through which you can treat burned eyes and get rid of it very easily at your home. So the natural ways to treat burned eyes are as follows:


  • Rose water:-

Treat burned eyes with rosewater

Most of the girls will be a huge fan of red roses but along with it rose water also works magically for all the people suffering from burned eyes. Homemade rose water is best for use as it will not contain any harmful substances. It helps in soothing and relaxing burning sensation due to excess heat. It even works for relaxing your tired mind and mood and gives you a cooling effect after using it. Rose water helps to cleanse your oily skin for the natural beauty look.

–> Preparation:

You need to take some rose water in any flat dish or bowl as per your choice. Dip the two cotton balls inside the rose water and keep it on your eyes for some time.

–> How to prepare rose water?

You need some amount of fresh rose petals (clean it with tap water) and approx. 40-50 rose petals. Take a pan and pour some fresh water in it and put it on a medium flame for 15-20 minutes or until it becomes hot. Now switch off the flame and put all the petals inside that water and cover it with any vessel. Keep it aside and after some time the color of rose petals will disappear that means your rosewater is ready.

  • Milk:-

Milk is a daily need for all the people from children to adult as it provides various nutrients to our body. You should regularly consume milk and this white substance is great stuff to treat burned eyes. It helps in providing relief from itchiness and burning sensation so you can get normal skin back.

–> Preparation:

Take three-four tablespoons of milk and keep it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to get it cool. Remove the cool milk and dip the cotton pad inside it and keep it on your both eyes for few minutes or more if you wish. After doing this, you can simply wash your eyes with normal or cold water.

  • Banana peel (Best way to treat burned eyes):-

Banana is a great fruit and used for skin, hair and even makes your body healthy. It is used a conditioner hair pack for treating dry and dull hairs to give a smooth texture to it. Along with the flash, the skin of the banana is also good for providing rest to your tired eyes. I know that banana peel sounds weird for burning eyes. But, it is simple and really helps to treat burned eyes and give comfort.

–> Preparation:

Take one fresh banana peel the outer skin and cut it into two pieces. Now keep it in the refrigerator for some time so it becomes cool. Simply keep it on your eyes until you feel comfortable and then wash your eyes. You can even keep this slice on your forehead for cooling effect.

(NOTE:- Always use fresh banana peel for a more perfect result.)

  • Green tea bags:-

Treat burned eyes with green tea bags

Many people love to drink green tea for maintaining their body fit and healthy. Green tea is very good for your health and even for your skin to glow naturally. After drinking green tea, you can use green tea bags to treat burned eyes.

–> Preparation:

You need two green tea bags and keep it in the freezer for a few minutes and then keep it on your eyes. Leave it for some minutes or more if you wish and then remove it. Until the bags are chilling out, you can rub an ice cube on your burned eyes for instant relief.

(NOTE:- Do not use same tea bags every time, keep changing it for more effects.)

You can even apply fresh Aloe Vera Gel to get glowing, moisturized skin and relief from burning. For a change, you can put fresh and cool cucumber slices on your eyes for spa feeling at home and also cure this issue. Hence, these were some of the natural ways to treat burned eyes which are easy to use and apply. You can even take a cold shower bath for providing a cooling sensation to your whole body.

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Along with this, you should always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from being burned. If you are a fan of an umbrella than use it during heavy sun heat to protect your whole body or simply use cap if you a boy to protect your cute eyes.

You can use this above remedy every day or whenever you feel your eyes are burning. This will not only solve your burning issue but even improves skin texture near your eyes.

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