Types of waxing for hair removal

Waxing is used to remove unwanted hairs from various body parts. Normally waxing is done on face, hands, legs, back, underarms and the public area. Many women prefer to do full body wax during any occasion. This is the best method for removing hair. There are various types of wax used for hair removal. So, you need to select from various types of waxing which suit the best.

types of waxing

Most of the women do their waxing in the parlor. But, instead of going there and wasting time and money. You can do waxing easily at home with some practice. In today’s world, every woman does waxing as they do not like a single unwanted hair on their skin. So, waxing is very important for every woman to increase their beauty.

types of waxing

Waxing is the process where the hair is pulled from the root. And new hair will not grow until two to six weeks. Waxing is preferred as hair does not grow for a longer time. While in shaving, you will see the hair growth in a few days.

There are many types of waxing available for hair removal. And you need to choose the type of wax which suits your skin. So, gorgeous ladies have a look at types of waxing for hair removal.


Sugar Wax:-

This is the simple wax and it is made from natural ingredients. It consists of sugar, lemon juice, and warm water. It helps to pull the unwanted hair from the root. And it is best suitable for sensitive and oily skin people.

You can use this sugar wax for hair removal in various body parts. As it contains lemon so it also helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Go for natural sugar wax and get smooth skin.

Hard Wax:-

types of waxing - hard wax

Hard wax is generally used for small area waxing. You can use it for upper lips, eyebrows, and underarms. You can also use it on legs and hands. But, taking a small portion in a larger area can be a bit hard work. So it is best suitable for smaller areas.

When the wax is warm it is applied to the skin area. And then let it cool down and harden completely. After that, simply pull it and all the hairs will be removed.

Hard wax will not damage your skin cells. As it removes hair and does not pull your skin. This wax is suitable for normal skin. And if you are having sensitive skin then kindly avoid this wax.

Soft Wax:-

Soft wax is mostly used and highly preferred. And mostly you will see the use of soft wax in many parlors. It is divided into two types such as hot wax and cold wax.

–> Hot wax:

As the name suggests, hot wax so it is heated in any pot or heating machine. It is very easy to apply as it spreads easily on the skin. Hot wax is best suitable for hair removal in larger areas. Also, removes very thin hairs from your skin.

–> Cold wax:

Cold wax is different from hot wax because it is not heated. It comes in cold wax strips. And the wax is already present in it. There is no mess created so it can be easily used. Here, the wax is present in semi-solid form. And it is a bit painful than hot wax. But still, it removes all the hair and gives a good result.

Chocolate wax (Best among various types of waxing):-

types of waxing - chocolate wax

Most of the people love to eat chocolate. So, in the same manner, it is also good for the skin. And your skin also loves chocolate. If you are looking for some pampering and comfortable thing. Then, opt for chocolate wax as it is the best choice.

Chocolate wax will give you less pain compared to sugar wax. It is also rich in an antioxidant property so it provides various benefits to your skin. Chocolate wax also contains other ingredients like glycerin and almond oil. So it helps to nourish and pamper your dry skin.

Chocolate wax is a bit expensive compared to other wax. But, really it is a great choice to pamper your skin. It also makes your skin looks glowing. Chocolate wax also provides young and healthy skin complexion.

Fruit wax:-

Fruit wax contains various fruit extracts. Like berries, banana, pomegranate, and grapefruit. It is also rich in various antioxidants. And people with sensitive skin can also use this wax. It also helps to nourish your skin. This fruit wax does not cause any allergic reaction. So, it is a great choice for people with very sensitive skin.

Now, you have got the list of various types of waxing for hair removal. So, pick the best one from various types of waxing mention above. And get parlour like waxing at home easily.

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