Automated tubing system

Customized for your

Material having weight of up to 5 kg can be transferred securely
at the speed of 5 to 7 m/s.

Hospitals and Blood banks

Transferring blood samples/medicines from collection point/pharmacies to LAB or Infirmary is a daily task for hospitals. It is very time consuming as well as monotonous. Moreover, high level of human interference may lead to error (Wrong package delivered!). Pneumatic tubing system will automatize the whole logistic system and makes it faster, secure and highly available.

Manufacturing Industries

For big manufacturing unit and pharmaceutical companies, sending test samples from manufacturing unit to laboratory is a day to day job. It has to be very secure and fast in order take preventive actions. Manual sending is very time consuming and highly prone to errors. Homebrew’s pneumatic tubing system best fits in this scenario. We are offering highly advance, secure, fast system.

Supermarket or Casino

Too much cash on at the payment counter is always worrisome for supermarkets and casino, why not use tubing system keep send it to safe locker after certain amount? Please contact us to know more about our secure and smart logistics system.