White chocolate wax or Dark which is better?

Chocolate…Isn’t your mouth feels watery? Most of the people are a lover of chocolate. And guess what… waxing with chocolate that is “Dark and White chocolate wax”. Usually, waxing gives you pain. But, if you get the combination of chocolate with waxing. Then, I think everyone will love it. Because it will look really amazing and you will feel less pain.

white chocolate wax Vs Dark chocolate wax

Normally, we from years we are using sugar wax and it is quite normal. As it is made from sugar, lemon juice, and honey. And this sugar wax is also painful. So, now there are various types of waxing available in the market. So, you have a great choice to choose the best one.

If you are the bride to be then you need to be very careful while choosing the best wax. As you have to take care of your skin to look gorgeous. If there was only one wax type available. Then, it would be easy as we don’t have to worry about selection. But, now there are lots of wax available. So, keeping your skin type in mind. You need to select the best one to get smoother skin.

If you are a chocolate lover then you should choose from dark chocolate or white chocolate wax. As both of them are good in removing all the unwanted hair. And give you soft and smooth skin look. So, let’s have a look at some benefits of dark chocolate wax and white wax. And then select the best one for your skin.



Dark chocolate waxing is far better than normal sugar wax. As normal waxing is more painful than dark chocolate wax. This chocolate wax consists of ingredients like cocoa, glycerin, almond oil, soya bean oil, olive oil, and vitamins. And there are lots of benefits of dark chocolate wax. So, have a look at some benefits.


  • As you have seen the list of all ingredients used in dark chocolate waxing. So, it helps in nourishing your dull and dry skin.
  • It also contains an anti-inflammatory property which helps in giving a clear and soft look to your skin after waxing.
  • This wax will not make your skin look scaly and dry.
  • It is also suitable for all skin types so every girl can use this wax.
  • Dark chocolate wax also contains essential oils so it is good for your skin.
  • And also makes your skin looks glowing.
  • It also removes all the ingrown hairs and also tiny hairs.
  • As the name suggests chocolate, so it gives a delicious smell.
  • It does not cause any rashes or redness on your skin due to the right temperature of the wax.
  • This wax also helps to calm your mind during the waxing session.
  • You will get less pain with this wax compared to normal wax.
  • Dark chocolate wax also helps in treating tanning skin(suntan skin).

Thus, these were some of the benefits of dark chocolate wax. And now, we will discuss white chocolate wax and it’s benefits.


white chocolate wax

White chocolate wax is also known as Rica wax and Liposoluble wax. Mostly in salons, it is offered by the name “Rica white wax” and it is basically a brand name. This wax contains various ingredients like vegetable oil and glyceral rosinate. Now, have a look at some of the benefits of using white chocolate wax.


white chocolate wax
  • White chocolate wax is painless and if you want to wax with zero pain then you can opt for this wax.
  • This wax does not require any preheating. So it is quite safe to use because no one likes burned skin.
  • It is also quite expensive compared to other wax.
  • But, you will get an amazing result and it also helps in getting rid of undergrowth.
  • This wax is very gentle and it is suitable even for a girl with very sensitive skin.
  • Basically, it is suitable for all skin types with no pain.
  • In white chocolate wax, beeswax is present which helps to deeply nourish your skin.
  • It also contains pre and post-wax oils which is non-sticky and also helps in making waxing session easier.

Hence, these were benefits of these wax. And you have learned about both the chocolate wax. So, now you have to decide which one is better for your skin. Both the wax works best on every skin. But, still white chocolate wax is more preferable. Because it gives you no pain and removes all unwanted hair.

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